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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

Comments From My Users

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Dear Geetha, Thanks a lot for your Views & Suggestions... We are planning to see a counseller soon... I really hope it works out for both of us... & I will keep you informed of the positive Outcoem Thanks a lot again
-- Sush   12/12/04
I found your advise very valuable. Thanks for taking time to reply. Apu
-- R   12/10/04
Thanks for ur response! You rightly judged that she may not be happy with my economic status or she might have expected a very rich husband becos she has taunted me number of times regarding that but she knew that I am not that rich before marriage and I am an ordinary engineer then why she married me. When I asked her why she behaves badly to me , she usually does not care to answer and just ignore me badly. These type of things have happened number of times again and again. I have gone into deep depression and an inferiority complex has come to me that why only me has been treated like this as I have not seen anybody else has been treated like this and that too in that case when I am always so polite with her. One thing more I want to mention here that this is her second marriage and mine first. We did love marriage.I dont think she has learned any lession. Anyway thanks for your advice! Please advice me more on this if you have something to say thanks Naresh
-- Naresh   12/10/04
back to giving the very best advice, i see!!! good job, i'll rate you 10. but also wanted to leave an extra note of thanks!! -susie
-- Jyoti   12/09/04
geetha, hi, i am susanna amma. i see you have given a detailed and sincere answer. we here at really enjoy your answers. but i feel the need to let you know that this person is playing a prank, which we are doing our best to put an end to. so in future i urge you to make your responses to sexual queries such as can be read by any child. (urge user for websites, ect. do not use body-part names and so on.) these pages are veiwable by the general public, and so we must exersize great caution in our answers. that being said, all the REST of your advice is truly great. don't get discouraged- keep up the good work. but if you see any more of these particular graghic queries, do ignore them. we are doing our best in council to reject them all. take care!!
-- Jyoti   11/26/04
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