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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Look, my husband is also accompanying me to India. My kids are only 3 and 5 years old. They dont use phone. I call up my parents and speak to them for 5 mins, by then he will come and take the phone from me. Its not the case with others. He just would like to treat me so because I'm very straightforward and refuse to do few things if I think he is taking advantage of me. He wants to know how much we have in our bank etc. His other son is strict with him but my husband says he has to be kind as the other son is strict. Anyway, I'm happy with my husband and kids. Thats what finally counts. Thank you.
-- Aditi   01/08/05
hyy,geeta i guess you are right i,m gonna try and see my own drawback,sand correct them,i,m gonna try to be god no matter how other person is being,thax your advises really help me think and realise and the moment i myself am brooke and cant offer you anything even if i want to another good news is that i,m getting a job, this particular institute is gonna train me appoint me,after me continueslly asking and begging my husband to send me back,he doe,snt send me back, but start,s being nicer to me,sothat i change my mind and my mil has told me that once we make some money you both can go stay seperatelly which not that i really want i,m ready to stay with my in laws and serve them provided my husband takes my side and support me,the only support i want is from my husband,sometimes my milis nice to me and tells me rachna have patience everything comes with patience,i understand what you are trying to convey but my husband sometimes intentionally does thing,s that he knows that i don,t like i mean thats normal human tendency especially male;s they;ll do the thing,s they know their wived dont likelol u know what i mean anyways some day i,d like to meet you personally and thank you
-- x y z   01/07/05
Thanks ms. Geetha .. it was really consoling to get your responses .. I want to let myself out of all my feelings and its a great help from u.. Recently, I got to know that he is suffering from rettarded ejaculation .. I did his by initiating sex all myself.. he had erection but couldn;t get to ejaculate.. Then we slept without sex.. I know this problem could be solved only by a physician.. my hubby shows his love in all the other way by getting things I want before I would ask him, to care to remind things for me and even to help me in my household chores.. but would not talk to me much. he would come late to bed by watching tv or surfing net or something like that.. i know and can feel that he likes me... I am sure he has the physical problem.. but he is very embarassed to tell me.. that is why, he is not even speaking to me.. as he is afraid if i would talk on that subject.. I am sure i am not unattractive and many people have complimented about my looks too.. and I am also sure that he is not having any extra marital affair.. Everytime I try to speak, I coulnd;t as he is not giving proper response.. when i ask him that I want to talk to him.. he says he gotta sleep or not to disturb him as he is watching t.v and things like that.. kindly respond if it is not too much of trouble to you.. once again, I thank u so much for your last response .. priya
-- Preetha   01/07/05
Well said madam, good words.....thats true EGO separates us from relatives, friends & spouse.Thanks for your reply.This EGO does not leave anybody. Everybody has their own ego as far as i am seeing the world. Where ever i go, I find EGO is privaling everywhere.But when do say a person is egoistic ?
-- lakshmi   01/07/05
Thanks for your precious time spared to me & thanks a lot for your reply !! I like most of your advises.
-- lakshmi   01/05/05
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