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-- Happy Momma

Latest Spirituality Advice

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Q: hi amma, does anyone has durga ashtotthra shathanamavali.while performing rahukala puja do we have to chant the 108 names of goddess durga. pleas mention any site which has this
-- vijaya, usa 07/23/02
A: Vijaya,

You can get it in this website :…


Q: where can i find good rudraksham Pls let me know the slokam for varalkshmi pooja
-- minu, singapore 07/22/02
A: Minu,

Real rudhrakshams are very difficult to find. Even the ones outside temple are mostly fake. It's always better to get them through a trusted person.

For some details on rudraksham, please visit…

You can buy lalitha sahasranam stotram from this site :…


download it from here…


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