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Q: My DOB - Jun 14, 71 23:45 p.m. in Rajapalaiyam, India.I am currently in a financial crisis.It;s been like that for the last 4 years. When will my position improve ?. Any help is greatly appreciated.
-- Anonymous, United States Dec 13 06
A: Dear Member:

You were born under Kumbha lagnam, Satabisha nakshatra, kumbha rasi.

Currently you are under Saturn dasa Venus bhukti till mid 2007. Your tough financial periods seem to have started from your ketu bhukti in 2003, understandably so because Ketu is the planet in the 6th house denoting debts. Now, the current saturn dasa venus bhukti is o.k. because they are mutual yoga kaarakaas and hence you have been able to manage the situation somehow or other. However, the coming bhukti of Sun can be still tougher....You may be forced to dispose off some ancestral property or houses to meet your commitmens. The next Moon bhukti in 2008 -2009 may also be tough because Moon is the lord of the 6th house posited in the lagna itself.

The transits are also not very encouraging....You will be under very adverse transit of Saturn for the next 5 years! As both the dasa-bhukti and transit influences are very very tough, you should resort to remedies to mitigate the situation.

1) Chant the following mantra 8 times daily for overcoming the negative effects of saturn......Saturn major periods in conjunction with Saturn's adverse transit are known to give very devastating results.....So, do this remedy every day...this is an easy chant...

"Om kaarkotakasya naagasya damayandhyaa nalasya cha Ruthubharnascha raajarishe keertanam kali naashanam"

2) If possible visit a Shiva temple on Ashtami days and offer punugu abhishekam to Bhairava Moorthy. This is a very good remedy for overcoming financial difficulties. Do this for 32 ashtamis continuously.

3) You can chant the Runa vimochana Narasimha sthothram which is known to give relief from debts. You can download the sthothram by following this link:…

4) Meditate on Goddess Lalitha Parameshwari and chant "Om Aparnaayai namaha" with devotion 108 times before sleeping everyday.

Do not lose hope. What comes like a storm may blow as a breeze by Divine Grace. Your situations will start improving by your 42nd age.

Blessed be.

Q: My sweetheart is supposed to be a Manglik.We are deeply in love,she can be a little difficullt sometimes, but nothing troubling,maybe its just a girl being a girl.It really isnt that much but after hearing about the Manglik trait,im kinda worried, i love her. Can someone please tell us about the future that we have together.When Im with her, it just feels like destiny willed us to be together but the Manglik issue has me worried because in a marriage there are a lot of other souls and hearts that can be broken.Even if it is not me,I would be happy if it says that my sweetheart has a happy future with someone else.Please Help. Boy 26th July 1977 10:20 PM Vijayawada,India Coordinates: 16.52° N 80.62° E Girl 12 April 1984 9:00 AM Mumbai,India Coordinates 18.96° N 72.82° E I have attached a compatibility points chart, the points chart is good,Im not a manglik but the bride is. the chart says it is acceptable but I would love to know all your opinions.
-- Rahul Mohanan, India Dec 13 06
A: Dear Member:

I have gone through your sweet heart is NOT MANGALIK. As Mars in the 7th house is in its own sign Vrkischika, it is a strong factor for concellation. Moreover, for girls' charts, Mars position in the 8th is more serious than Mars position in the 7th. So, you can forget about the mangalik effects.

However, as the 7th house has both Mars and Ketu, the marital life may be tumultous....this is irrespective of the groom.

For you also, Rahu in the 7th house is not a good indicator for marital felicity.

Your suns are in trinal position to each other which indicates good agreement on major issues of life.

So, you need not worry about unnecessary issues. There is good indication of attraction between the two natives concerned and that is probably the reason why you two have got attracted to each other in the first place.

Perform special poojas to Goddess Durga on 9 consecutive Fridays for your happy life together.

Also, it will be beneficial for you both to enter married life only after Jupiter's transit into Sagittarius.

Blessed be.

Q: I wanted to konw when i can conceive a baby.i am 27 and my hubby 33,married for last 3 years.Had one tubal abortion.Tubes are intact now.Checked all parameters and doctors tell we both are pretty fine. We are doing all pujas and I am wearing santhanagopala yanthra. Even doctors tell they cant find the real culprit behind this infertility .Pls help.I am so distressed
-- sree, chennai,india Dec 13 06
A: Kindly do not lose heart. As you are wearing the santhaanagopala yantra, the chances of your conceiving are very bright. It will nullify any doshams in progenic matters.

Chant Lalitha Sahasranaama with devotion on Fridays and offer fresh butter to the Goddess. This butter should be shared by yourself and your husband. While chanting you should meditate on Lord Krishna as a baby. This will also brighten your chances.

Blessed be.

Q: Hi Ammas's family of Advisors, I need guidance about my younger brother.His Birth details are: Date of Birth: 24-Sep-1985 Place of Birth: Ranchi, India Time of Birth: 7.05PM Indian Std.Time This guy has got us into trouble on nearly all fronts for last three years, in particular. He has wasted a lot of money, gone in loaning huge sums of money{ more than four times} and then, it's dad who has to pay it back. He at times steals also. He was good in studies initially. But, then, lost the focus and currently has dropped out of studies. There has been a lot of issues with him, bringing the whole family dis-repute, and loss of peace in the mind. Please advise as to, what does the future holds for him? Will he improve habit and charcterwise? What are chances of him settling down, with a job. Please plz guide us.
-- Prem Ranjan, India Dec 14 06
A: Dear member:

Your brother was born in Mesha lagnam, Sravana nakshatram, Makara raasi.

His wayward habits seem to have begun from Rahu dasa Saturn bhukti. From 2005, he has been under Rahu dasa Mercury bhukti. Mercury is the lord of the 6th house indicating debts in the 6th house itself. It is in conjunction with Sun forming a nipuna yoga in the debts house....which means he can smoothly convince anybody into loaning for him and then get the family into trouble! The next ketu bhukti from 2008 can go either way....ketu gives wisdom from experiences....or the combination of the nodes can really be more troublesome. Ketu is in the maaraka house 7th....this can cause some scandals related to dealings with members of opposite gender also!

Now that we have discussed the negatives, let us see something positive also....his lagna lord Mars is in the 5th house which indicates that his activities are due to some karmic influence. He can reform himself. The flip side is that some trouble is foreseen in marital life and progenic matters later in life as 7th lord Venus is also in 5th house. Even generally the 1st lord in 5th is not very good for progenic matters. 5th lord in 6th house also indicates negative karmas.

2009-2010 can be a good period for your brother to settle down in life after reforming.


1) Get your brother to wear a "subramaniya vasiya rakshai" which will ensure strength of his lagna lord. If one's will power is strengthened by such measures, he will overcome temptations which have led him to wrong habits.

2) Organize chanting of Shrimad Raamaayanam for your brother's reformation. Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranaamam on Wednesdays and Saturdays will also be beneficial in his reformation.

As your brother is currently under ashtama sani influences also, the next 2-3 years can be very crucial for his future. Let the full family pray for his reformation as otherwise, his activities may spoil his future which has a good chance of picking up by 2010.

Blessed be.

Q: My birth details are : Jan 18th 1976 @ 6:15 PM Place bangalore As per astrology Im supposed to have a late marriage, can you please tell me a remedy in Astrology that will help me get married sooner.? Appreciate your help.
-- PPPP PPPP, India Dec 14 06
A: Dear Member:

You were born in kataka lagnam, Aslesha lagnam, kataka raasi.

You are currently under Venus dasa Saturn bhukti. Saturn is the lord of the 7th house posited in your lagna itself with the lagna lord. The retrograde motion of your 7th lord has been one of the reasons for your delayed marriage and frustrations in this regard. However, there are some very good yogas in your horoscope that support happy family life. YOu have the ability to overcome any situation and ensure domestic peace. So, even if your marriage has been delayed it will be a good marital life due to presence of Jupiter in the 9th house in its own house aspecting the lagna lord and 7th lord which are together.

The transits are also auspicious for you currently. You have a bright chance of getting married in the middle of 2007.

Recital of Sundara Kaandam in Navaaha kramam (reading the Sundara Kaandam in 9 days as per established traditions) will ensure speedy marriage.

Recital of Sita Kalyaana sargam of Vaalmiiki Raamayaanam on Fridays will be another effective remedy.

May you enjoy happy marital life by Divine Grace.

Blessed be.

Q: hi palmistry, Astrology and tarot are all used to predict the future of an individual. When the future of the person cannot be changed, then how come the readings of an individual vary when using different methods of prediction. Results of study of astrological chart of an individual and the results of his palm study shud be the same then. Why is it not so?
-- sumitha shivraj, Bahrain Dec 15 06
A: Dear member:

Though the basic outline of a person's life cannot change, there are various sub-scripts and events that might change depending on one's choices or mentality and attitude in life. The lines in the palm do show significant alterations when the life conditions vary. Thus I would say the readings as done by palmistry may change in a period of 3 years if a person is one who makes a lot of conscious decisions in life. The dynamic nature of fate can be analyzed by the change in lines or branch lines of the hand (especially in the dominant hand). Of course, the basic lines of Fate, Head, and Heart show no significant changes throughout life. Lines of influence, health lines, etc. make their appearance and disappear depending on transient factors in life.

Regarding astrology, it is a prognosis based on karma based on planetary dispositions in the horoscope. Even in this, though the basic outline cannot be changed, intelligent actions timed at appropriate times combined with remedies can modify the fatalistic outcomes. The purpose of astrology is mainly to identify the appropriate remedies for an individual based on directional influences so that the native can side-step if not totally avoid certain undesirable happenings in life. In my opinion, only a combination natal horoscope and prashna can give accurate results for current events though broadly speaking the natal horoscope should be able to throw a light on very significant events of one's life.

Tarot is almost like tells how the Divine energies are working with respect to the query in mind of the questioner under the current circumstances....It is best used for gaining valuable insights in to a situation rather than for predictive purposes though sometimes uncanny predictions can be exactly made with Tarot. I myself have an experience of having predicted the meeting of a young dark man whose meeting will prove eventual to a client when a page of Swords turned up during a reading! The imageries of the Tarot have a lot of things to convey and an intuitive and experienced reader can really amaze you with the readings. The remedies suggested by Tarot will be secular.... like necessary attitudinal changes.

But, generally, if all the three readings are done under experts in the respective field with proven accuracy, they should ideally show identical if not the same outcomes!

Blessed be.

Q: Namaskar My Particulars Name-Deepak DOB-24.08.1975 TOB-20:22 Delhi MY Wifes PArticular NAme Deepy DOB 14.11.1975 TOB 13.04 Ludhiana We got married on 14.04.2000 after taht there is total downfall in our life, finacial conditions got worse, family strife, We had lost our first baby, then my wife had a brain hamehorrage, Luckily she survived, but she is on heavy doses of medicine, Currently we are under huge financial burden as business is also not doing well. So can u guide us how to come out of this situation
-- Deepak Goenka, India Dec 16 06
A: Dear Member:

You were born under Uttarabhadra nakshatra, Meena lagna, meena raasi.

You are currently under Ketu maha dasa surya bhukti. The following Moon bhukti in Ketu dasa is also not very auspicious. But, your situations might take a turn for the better with the Mars bhukti that begins in September 2007.

Regarding your financial burdens, you should keep a fast on Sankata Hara Chaturthi days (the chaturthi on Dark Half of the Moon) in honour of Lord Vinaayaka. Chant the following sthothra "Om Laksho Lakshaprado lakshyo layastho lattukapriyah Laasyapriyo laasyapado laabhakrul lokhavisrutah"

Chant this 11 times daily and 108 times on Tuesday evenings.

Worshipping Lord Bhairava on Tuesdays and ashtami thithis will also help in improving your financial position.

Your wife was also born under Uttarabhadra nakshatra, Meena rasi, kumbha lagna. She is under Mercury dasa Saturn bhukti. Mercury is the lord of the 6th and 9th houses; Saturn is the planet in the 7th house - a maraka sthaana. That is why she has been sick and has suffered a lot. However, transits are hopeful for her also currently.

Chanting Vishnu sahasranaamam on Wednesdays and Saturdays will be helpful to her.

Another remedy you both should try is this....pour water in a small container and keep it near your heads (above the pillows) at night. Early in the morning throw the water away. Do this for 48 days. Pray that all the negativities in your life should be absorbed in the water and get disposed off.

May you both enjoy long and happy life together by God's Grace.

Blessed be.

Q: Can u pls tell what is the science behind Valmiki ramayan[is it really based on gayatri mantra?], Valmiki’s Sundarkand & Tusidasji’s Ramayan and his Sudarkand. Is recital of tulsidas sundarkand equally effective for navaah parayaan.Pls tell.
-- Anonymous, United States Dec 16 06
A: Dear Member:

In ancient traditions it is said "When the Supreme Godhead descended on Earth in the form of Shri Raamaa, The Vedaas themselves descended in the form of Vaalmiiki Raamaayanam from Sage Vaalmiiki's mouth".

Sage Vaalmiiki has composed the Raamaayan begining the first verse of each thousand verses with each letter of the Gaayathri mantra. In fact a collection of those slokhas is called "Gayathri Raamayanam" which is believed to confer the benefits of chanting the Gayathri mantra many times and also the Ramayanam.

Tulsi Raamayanam was composed by Goswami Tulsidas based on a Divine Vision and it is believed to be as efficacious as the Vaalmiiki Raamayanam. But, it is to be noted that there are places where Tulsi Raamayanam differs from the original Vaalmiiki Raamayanam in the course of events or depictions.

Recital of Tulsidas ramanayan Sundarkand is also highly effective; but it is not proper to compare the Vaalmiiki Raamayanam and Tulsi Raamayanam on their merits.

The ancient mantra prayogs on Raamayanam as found in some ancient Puranams including Skanda Puranam are all based on Vaalmiiki Raamayanam only.

Those who cannot chant the original verses in sanskrit can get benefitted by chanting Tulsi Raamayanam. But, side by side, it is always advisable to arrange the recital of original sanskrit version by qualified pandits.

The story of Shri Raamaa, in any language will be effective; but the original Raamayanam has in it certain mantrik potentials as it is Rishi proktham (written by a rishi with tapasya power). Tulsi Raamayanam has more of Bhakti potential.

Blessed be.

Q: Hi All, My DOB is 24-Sep-1979, born in Bangalore at 3.11pm. I'm currently running Jupiter dasa & Rahu bhukthi ( correct me if my Jupiter dasa is over & Sani dasa has started ). I have been told I have Guru chandala yoga as Guru & Rahu occupy the eighth house from Lagna along with the lagna lord Sani. Request you all to tell me about this yoga, effects & the remedies of the same. thanks in advance.
-- White waters, India Dec 17 06
A: Guru and Rahu conjunct in 8th house is definitely indicative of Guruchandala yoga. This indicates possibility of curse from pious persons in the previous births which will manifest in one or many of the following ways:

1) The native may not get a good preceptor. 2) There may be frequent misunderstandings between the native and his/ her teachers. 3) The native may incur the wrath of pious persons even though this native does not actually do anything to hurt them. 4) Possibility of lurking suspicion in shastraic truths and practices.

The native will however be blessed with good rationality and discerning abilities.

Curiously, these natives will enjoy excellent good luck in "Raahu Kaalam" which is traditionally believed to be inauspicious for others.

Thus though this can help a lot in materialistic spheres, there might be obstacles in the spiritual sphere of life though the native may want to progress in that direction.

The remedy for this would be respectful and conscious absolute faith in scriptures and religious teachings. Regular recital of Chandi path will remove this affliction in the horoscope and help in overall development of the native.

Blessed be.

Q: hi amma, my daughter who has been married for 3 years now, is suffering from problems like progeny, quarrels with husband,financial losses and other disturbances. she does not reveal it to me but I have seen her suffering.. she lives abroad and she and her husband donot believe in pooja by pandits, my question is can i keep yantra at my place and do pooja on her behalf?,will it fruitify toher? iwill get the yantra energised..will it help her problmes if she is my daughter and hurts me a lot realizing her sufferings. thanks looking forward to get remeady fromyou.. she lives in abroad.where she canot goto temple or do get any other material too even if I convince her.her horsoscope donot match with her hubby's, butI married her when a relative didnot reveal me the truth about non-match of horoscope there is a big difference in personalities between them what to do?..
-- vidha bhatt, Canada Dec 18 06
A: Dear Madam:

I have already replied to this query earlier. Yes. You can do the pooja and keep the yantras on their behalf. Do not worry.

The problems related to mismatch of horoscopes will get diluted after 7 years of marriage. This is one thing which we have observed in our experience. So, in just 4 more years problems should start settling down by themselves if they are primarily due to horoscopic mismatch.

Chant "Om Saamarasya paraayanaayai namaha" "Om Sivaa swaadheena vallabhaayai namaha" "Om Shiva arthaanginyai namaha" "Om Uma-maheshwaraaya namaha" 108 times daily will ensure domestic harmony and good attachment between life partners.

You can do this yourself on their behalf. If possible, try to organize Sundara Kaanda recital for the family welfare.

Blessed be. Pandit R.DAKSHINAMOORTHI.

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