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-- Happy Momma

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Q: Hello Amma, I thank you for your wonderful responses. I don't know where to put this question, I had asked this previously but I could not get any response. Please replay to my query. I want to do "Mangala Gowri" pooja [which is performed in Shravanamaasa period] can you please tell me the detail procedure of doing the pooja and the procedure for maiking the dough which is used for making deepa[Arathi]. Can you also suggest any links/sites which could tell me regarding this pooja. Thank you
-- Triveni, India 07/30/02
A: Hi Triveni,

There are 2 parts to the pooja.

1 is the kanne gowri pooja done by unmarried girls praying for a good husband.

The other is the Mangala Gowri pooji done by married women. This pooja has to be done for the 1st five years of marriage.

Every friday in the month of shravana, you will have to get up early in the morning, take a head bath, prepare chanimidi (recipe below), and any other prasadam. After that, make tiny cups with the chanimidi and light lamps with it. Do the pooja.

You can get the pooja casettes from any audio casette store. If you want to download it, visit


Q: where can i get malayalam translation of aditya hridhyam ?
-- abc, 07/23/02
A: I couldnt find a malayalam translation of Aditya Hridayam, so I'm giving you a link to it in Sanskrit…


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