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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Thanks so much for your most valuable advie. This was a kind of problem I couldnot ask anybody, except my house members. In that except my mother the others are younger than I. It was a very timely advice. yes he has come & apologisd for his behaviour but I am still not able to talk to him freely. I have asked him to give some more time to get myself back together & think. Thanks once again
-- Sangeetha   02/26/05
Thank you very much for your advice. I will keep in mind.
-- Latha   02/22/05
thank so much for u r advice n guidance amma.... this really means a lot to me.... thanx again.... luv u all :))
-- preethi   02/21/05
hello amma thankyou for your reply.amma he know very well that i dont like him and he can understand everything from my attitude but instead of that he is not ready to give divorce.i asked him many times pls give divorce for me i dont want to spoil ur life also with me.but he is not doing that.amma he was just 2 yrs elder than me but his behaviour and attitude is not like that sorry to say this he is not behaving like a man he was scarred for everything even when we both of us go out to buy vegetables he was scarred to ask the rate.he is not able to walk like a man .something he is different i never want my husband to be beautiful but i want him to behave like a ordinary man.thats all.amma at present i dont have any idea about re-marriage i was fed up.just i want to go for a job and i want to help my parents thats my only aim now.i was very much depressed amma just i want to go out of this marriage life i want to live peacefully without any tension.thats all.amma even i dont know how much he was earning nothing personally about him.he is not ready to tell he is not trusting me.amma i will tell one incidence one day we had a big fight and he slapped me and i was not ready to have sex with him on that day .next day he gone to office and he told some person to his coalogue that iam not int in sex and he gave my mobile no to him.that man calls me on the next day and he is telling if you dont like ur husband can i come he is asking i told my husb that he is not a nice man why did u gave my no? i dont like his way of behaviour .everything is behause of u only i said for that he is telling he is my boss you just talk wit him no problem he is telling.tell me amma how can i live with this kind of man.
-- sonia   02/14/05
Thanks geetha.I am hving starting triuble.Thing is i dont have experience and i am scared.If i can find a job thats a start point i will be fine.My problem now is i took so long to realize this and now i have a son who is really young and needs my attention.Thats why i am worried.When he scolds i am thinking that he doesnt love me or to say even like me when i am really crazy about him.Why cant he advise me as a friend Do we force friend but we keep telling right.He gets dejected by my being quiet.I am listenng and want to do something now.I realise i have to help myself and nobody can help unless i am trying to move on.Its just that the fact that i know that he maried me because he was compelled makes me feel so bad and he doesnt express his affection either.So i am like putting thoughts and keeping myself unhappy.All the money he spent on me comes to his mind .He thinks he is taking real good care of me.He knows he is hurting me but he just cant stand me.He says that women of house should be happy for a family to florish.I accept that but how will i e happy if i am not shown all the affection i need.I have changed myself a lot and i want to be a good mom for my son,give the best to him .But sometimes i really feel my whole heart is empty and its not getting hurt anymore as it used to be.I have turned it into a rock.My personality has gone (how i used to be before marriage,Fun ,silly,jolly etc)I dont take care of myself etc.If we go out to our friends house where his wife is working when we come back home he is like really upset and thinks that i am a waste and starts advising me.I hate advising what can i do.I have to change myself .I dont know if i am having a real problem here but i just needed someone to talk to so i feel releived and clear.
-- padma   02/14/05
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