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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: When I click the tab Earn AA$ to look out for my unanswered questions I get to see some questions which I had already answered previously. I think the questions are of the same user. I am confused whether this is usual. Now I have three doubts in my mind. 1. Can I answer those questions again? 2. Will there be any harm if unknowingly I have answered a question which I had answered before? 3. Can I use my stock answers to answer such questions? I would appreciate your contribution to help me out of my doubts.
-- Mridul Bora, India 08/17/09
A: Yes, you are right, I am also here in preparation to post a query in this regard, since your query came in time, I decided here to respond this query with what I am experiencing with the query answer sessions.

Your complaint regarding queries once answered re-appearing as un-answered, but while, answering in it, the query re-appears- not accepting response. This means our first response has already been accepted and rated hence no scope. There are so many queries showing in several categories creating confusion and time wastage. I assume that proper maintenance of the same is not going on h


Q: sir i have 3AA$ 300 + in my account & i want to sell it.please tell me how can i claim my money by converting it to US$ as i have only my address than any account in bank.please help me.
-- nagesh m.n, India 08/17/09
A: You can try to sell your 300 AA$s if its an earned one. Click on the Sell option and put your AA$s in it for sale on a low rate of exchange either showing in the board or lower to it, to get your AA$s sold in short time. All it depends on your luck also. Whenever a sale occurs and when some one purchase your offered AA$s the USD for the same may be transferred to your Ammas a/c that you can view there and every month clear the pending payments due to advisors to those who acquired 10 USD atleast. The only option before you is to browse the website site and open a sim


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