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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: i want to join as a to ?
-- Ravi Kumaar G M, India 08/14/09
A: In past there is no restriction or charges required to become an advisor to Astrology category like that of any other category in just registering in and selecting your favourtie category(s) is just reqauired. But now - i don't know whether it came in effect - as there is a suggestion/proposal to register as an advisor to Astrology category- charges a limited/fixed fee from those who want to join as an astrology advisors since this query is the top most query having heavy trafic and earnings to advisors as you can see the number of queries regularly getting in th


Q: I am not that old at I know the activities like asking questions and answering others query facilitates you to earn some incentives in terms of AA$, but not sure which activity earns us more(considering a similar standard for both the activities)? I would be beneficial to know your views regarding the issue. Secondly, is it essential that we rate all the responses we get to our queries? If we don't rate the responses, will there be any affect to the person responding to our queries? Thirdly, is there any impact of negative ratings to one who had rated negative?
-- Mridul Bora, India 08/09/09
A: If you are a council members then you have to do Query Rating and Response rating, in addition to giving your own response/answers because council members only can do this. While, giving ratings to queries and responses, your chance of earning of AA$s will increase, but you have to rate in a learned way in order to earn the maximum from each and every query and answer brought to you to rate, on status of council membership. Your earnings from queries and responses ratings shall be on average rating for a query/responses ratings obtained for a particular query or answers for the same. Its your


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