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-- somayajulu sistla bhavani

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I have submitted my husband's DOB and other details also. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks for the kind work you are doing, it really helps for people who are in distress and away from home.
-- Here   10/13/06
Hi sir, My lagna is meen asc 23 59,venus,mercury,mnars all in 1st house, sun 2house,jupiter 5house,sat,rahu sixth, moon tenth, ketu 12 house Here is my original query: May the elite astrology Panel enlighten me with lot of queries running on my mind. Perhaps u people would guide me in the best way. Born: April 19 1979, 5:42 a.m, Karkal 12 52 N 74 59 E 25 kms frm mangalore Pisces lagna poorvashada 4 padam 1)My planetary placements in my chart. Which one is the best to the worst??? How will these planets influence my life?? 2) How will be my Rahu Dasha. Will it be good or bad.If good or bad in wat prospects.?? 3) Rahu in venus constellation? Its significance. 4) Rahu along with Retrograde saturn in sixth house. Its significance. 4) Rahu in sun's house with sun exalted.???Its significance Rahu and bhukthis of several planets???? Can anybody tell about my career apects. will it be business or profession.? How will be my married life. Will it be a success. Please suggest me about any remedies. Any kavach i have to wear????? Also my forthcoming Guru Mahadasha. since he is my lagnadhipathi. Wat will guru dasha bestow me in his dasha Also about my saturn mahadasha. Its role in my life. Please guide me..............
-- Raaj   10/13/06
thanks a lot..
-- rakhee   10/10/06
Sir, Thank You very Much for your advice. I would like to know from which year onwards i can expect my foreign assignments? Then it means i wont live with my parents at their old age? Then reagrding my marriage whether i marry a girl from same cast and religion or from different soceity? i dont mind if it is different religion also. Once again Thank You very much for your advice
-- Kannan   10/05/06
Dear Mr. Somayajulu, Your advice on my sons horoscope has been very helpful. I would like to thank you for your response. Thanks and Best Wishes. Mala
-- m   10/05/06
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