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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Thank you for your reply.
-- sravani   03/24/05
i think this is the best answer and thanks, friend!
-- rekha   03/22/05
Thanks Geetha amma! I am trying to do what you have mentioned but he is as adamant as he is. One reason of my frustration is that I have no firends here to talk to everyday and this itself will make me feel bad enough on a day and moreover if he tells me he has plans to buy an expensive stuff for home, then I will just be more angry with him! There is no one in his family whom i can talk to. His mother is a very soft natured woman and we never mention anything to her. Thanks for your advice! Have a nice day.
-- gulabi1   03/04/05
thanks for ur kind advice amma.....
-- lakshmi   03/03/05
Dear Geetha, I am not sure of your age so calling you by name.Thank you so much for your valuable response.To have such good people like YOU, to comfort me when I was so perplexed about life and strange situations really makes this world a lovely place to live in.Thanks again for your advice.You might not believe it I have read it about 10 times since I received it !!:)
-- Pal   03/01/05
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