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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Hi I like your response. Here is my situation: we are 6yr married couple. we used to live happily(not that we dont have fights) for four yrs. After my mil/fil came our life became very bad. My fil is a very selfish/short temper/egoist person and to make himself good he will show others bad. I am from a family who is more into selfless people. I tried to change my fil by telling the facts but he knows what is doing. And he tries to get what he wants by hook or crook. At one point, I am talking/handling/explaining to three people(my wife,mil,fil). they can't win through talking b'coz I am very upfront to accept my wrongs(ifany) and show their wrongs. This I can say b'coz I am not selfish whatsoever. At one point he even hit me b'coz he cant talk to me. Then also I controlled my anger and told the same. After they left my father came and my wife gave hime 4 months of hell. Even then my father left with no grudge though sometimes he came out since he could take the blames. Now my wife is talking to my father as I am not talking to my fil. I think for far as self respect is concern..I dont think my in-law cant do more damage to me as they did now other than killing me. We both work with kids..but still lacking happiness or satisfaction in life...HOW TO MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE.
-- your name   03/31/05
Thank you for your reply.
-- sravani   03/24/05
i think this is the best answer and thanks, friend!
-- rekha   03/22/05
Thanks Geetha amma! I am trying to do what you have mentioned but he is as adamant as he is. One reason of my frustration is that I have no firends here to talk to everyday and this itself will make me feel bad enough on a day and moreover if he tells me he has plans to buy an expensive stuff for home, then I will just be more angry with him! There is no one in his family whom i can talk to. His mother is a very soft natured woman and we never mention anything to her. Thanks for your advice! Have a nice day.
-- gulabi1   03/04/05
thanks for ur kind advice amma.....
-- lakshmi   03/03/05
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