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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: I want to know if I could listen to mantra for getting beauty, money, and success and if I listen to mantra in how many days will I see results and I want to know if I have to listen to the mantra or chant the mantra.
-- shikha thomas, United States 08/20/09
A: Mantra For Prosperity


Aayur dehee Dhanam Dehee Vidyaam dehee Maheshwari Samastamakhilam dehee dehee mey Parameshwari


Give me long life Give me wealth, Give me knowledge, O Maheshwari (Mother Goddess) O Parmeshwari, Give me everything that I desire

Sai baba let your holy lotus feet be our sole refuge.OMSAIRAM


Q: I want to do 16 kudumula vratham on Ganesh Chathurdi on Aug22nd. I dont have proper details how to do this. I heard like there is a story for this vratham but I did not find any where. Could you please provide this vratham details and related story for this.
-- Anu Polisetty, India 08/20/09
A: Gowri Thadiya puja is the most observed vratha in Andhra Pradesh. Kudumulu are the special recipe made of steamed rice flour. 16 Kudumulu are offered to Gauramma on this day and that is the reason this Gauri puja has got the name of 16 Kudumula Thaddhe.

In 2009, the date of Gauri Thadiya puja or 16 kudumula Thadde is August 22. In some places, the Gauri Puja is also observed on August 23. Gauri Thadiya vratham is observed the day before Ganesh Chavithi.

In Telugu, Thadiya means the third day (Tritiya) and the name suggests the vrata or the puja dedicated to Goddess Gauri. On Gowri Tha


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