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Q: Dear ammas, Iam a very new driver and extremely timid and nervous.I have to drive to work I am a bit alright with forward driving but very clumsy with reverse driving ,not at all able to do it properly..I dread taking my car from our driveway everyday I have often ended up getting stuck up in the middle of the reverse manouver,unable to coordinate speed and steering control. My usually patient husband is mad at me for my poor driving skills...Why are husbands the worst instructors! We have ended up fighting over this , these days.Can you give me a few tips on reverse driving please..My ideas always go wrong! And when I do one mistake , instead of recovering from it , my nervousness causes more mistakes Please help Sari
-- Saritha, US 09/17/02
A: Honey!!! I totally understand your anxiousness! I agree; husbands aren’t really the right instructors! nor are other relatives!

The best place to actually learn driving is from an instructor. They deal with student drivers everyday, and don’t just expect you to know things. They understand if you dont know certain things, and don’t mind explaining certain things over and over again.

If you feel nervous about driving, I'd suggest you take a few classes ( even if you have a license). This will give you the confidence in you need. And moreover, you can tell them youre not


Q: I live in illinois on a h4 visa.I want to apply for drivers license but there they said that since i dont have a ssn i cannot apply for a license.Then i went to the ssn office where they told me that because of my visa they cannot give me a social security number.I took a letter from them stating the same and went to drivers license place where they refused to accept the letter and said that the social security number is a must.IS there anyway I can drive.For obtaining the state id also they said ssn is a must.
-- abc, usa 09/10/02
A: Abc,

I am also on a H4 Visa and I have a License. A lot of people I know have a license being on a H4. They generally should not deny a license based on this.

When I went to the Social Security office I told them I needed a letter of “denial” so that I could apply for a drivers license. I went back to the Drivers License office with this and gave it to them. They SHOULD accept it and allow you to write your written test. If they don’t, probably the rules are different in Illinois. Ask her what the procedure is for a non-immigrant to get a DLL. Once you get the info, fol


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