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Q: My son's date of birth is 31 st May 1979, Chennai born at 9.47am. I would like to know when he will get married.
-- Sujatha Ven, India Nov 29 06
A: Dear Member:

your son was born in pushya nakshatra, kataka rasi, kataka lagnam.

He is currently under venus dasa venus bhukti till may 2008. His 7th lord Saturn is inthe 2nd house along with rahu. Mars and venus are in the 10th house. These indicate tumultous marriage experience/ marriage effected after fighting with others (may be a love marriage). If he is not in love with anyone, and you are planning to see horoscopes, the best period for that would be between March and September 2007. In any case, his marital prospects look bright in 2007. Otherwise, the best period will be 2009 when Jupiter transits Makara rasi.

Blessed be.

Q: My details are Male:18th Jan 1976/ Bangalore / 6:15PM Can you please let me know A. When will I get married? B.Will it be a love marriage or arranged marriage? C.Any hints who it will be? Appreciate and thanks in advance Thanks P
-- Anonymous, United States of America Nov 29 06
A: Dear member:

You were born in Aslesha nakshatra, kataka rasi, kataka lagna.

You are currently under Venus dasa saturn bhukti. Venus is a planet in the 5th house in your horoscope indicating poorva punya. Saturn is the 7th house lord indicating marriage. This combined period will be good for your marriage. The transit of Jupiter is also hopeful for you now.

Your 7th house lord Saturn is retrograde and is conjunct Moon. You might have had some disappointments earlier in marital matters either due to failed affairs or some good alliance might not have materialized...this is due to Saturn retrograde in the lagna itself. You may marry someone known to you through your mother's circle.

There are some afflictions in your horoscope regarding marriage like the placement of Sun in the 7th house which is generally indicative of some troubles in marriage. Moreover the 12th house lord Mercury is also in the 7th house in retrograde motion. YOu must be very careful in your choice of life partner. The redeeming feature is the presence of Jupiter in the 9th house which will give you the ability to lead a successful marital life against all odds. You will be the one who has to adjust to make your marital life successful.

Blessed be

Q: I Was born on 9th February 1979 at 11.10 AM in Bangalore. My husband DOB is 14th June 1973 at Kerala (Palakkad). I am currently facing lot of problems in my life. my only borther passed away recently. I am crrently staying away from my husband and daughter as my parents need my support. Can you please let me know when my problems will get over. when will I have a happy family life. what does my fture look like. aslo please let me know if there are any pujas I have to perform for this bad time. Thanks a lot for all your responses
-- Sreedevi N.P., India Nov 29 06
A: Dear member:

You were born under Punarvasu nakshatra, mithuna rasi, Mesha lagna.

you are under the fag end of saturn dasa. You are currently running Saturn dasa jupiter bhukti. The combined activity of Saturn dasa and 7-1/2 year saturn will be generally tough in various ways which is precisely what you experienced. Now, 7-1/2 year period is over. Though saturn reenters cancer in Jan 2007, this will not be too tough for your rasi. Your problems should start falling in place gradually do not worry. You can chant the following mantra with devotion every day: "Om shubham karoti kalyaanam aaroghya dhana sampadaam; mama buddhi prakaashaya deepam jyothii namoasthute Om kliim Hum phat swaaha". You should light a lamp in the pooja room and chant this daily for peaceful life.

Mercury dasa starts operating for you from Nov 2007. Mercury is a planet in its enemy's house in your horoscope and moreoever it is combust. So, you would do well to do remedies to appease that. Chanting of Shri Vishnu sahasranaama regularly on Wednesdays will be a good remedy for that.

Your 7th lord Venus is in the 9th house indicating a happy family life inspite of all odds. The transit of Jupiter through Sagittarius where Venus is posited in your natal horoscope will be excellent for your family life. Though your parents need your support, it may not be wise for you to stay away from your husband and daughter for long. Kindly rejoin them at the earliest.

Blessed be.

Q: I am in trouble with health, wealth and family unrest since 1995 after marriage and from 2000 onwards I am facing till now a lot financial problem and alongwith this I am facing health problem. I have asked one Panditjit in June 2006 when he told me that kaal Sarpa Yoga is with you. I want know whether I am really in touch with KAAL SARPA DOSH and suggest remedies. my date of birth is 21.06.1962, time is 12.02noon and Place is Kanpur.
-- satyendra dixit dixit, Sivasagar(Assam)India Nov 29 06
A: Dear Member:

You were born with Sravana nakshatra, Makara rasi, and kanya lagna.

You are currently under Jupiter dasa, Rahu bhukti. You had married under Jupier dasa, sani bhukti. Jupiter is the lord of a maraka sthana for you and it is in the 6th house. Hence the troubles for you. 7th lord in the 6th house without benefic aspects is the main reason for your family unrest.

Currently you have been under tough transit influences of Jupiter, and Saturn also. Now, the transit of Jupiter is favourable to you; but Saturn is transiting the tough 8th place from natal moon.

You can benefit by worship of Ma Durga during Rahu kaalams on Tuesdays and Fridays. Offer a garland of lemon fruits to the Goddess and offer special worship on Rahu kaalams on these days at least once a month.

As your lagna lord Mercury is in the 9th house in its friend's house, though you may have many troubles, you will ultimately manage any situation. Arranging a recital of Shri Vaalmiiki Raamaayana for 30days will give respite to your problems.

Regarding the kaal sarpa dosha, Moon and Saturn are nearly out of Ketu's clutches though they are in the same degree. So, the malefic effect of kala sarpa dosham gets drastically reduced in your horoscope. The worship of Durga Devi will suffice. You need not do any other remedy.

If you cannot afford a garland of lemon, you can at least offer one single piece of lemon on all Tuesdays and Fridays during Rahu kaalam to Kaali ma or Durga Devi.

If you perform this worship with devotion, things will start improving from 2010.

Blessed be.

Q: Hi, One of my friend told me that before buying Diamond set or saphire set we should have to find out if it suits Us. Can any one throw some light on this. I would like to know if saphire and diamonds suits me.My DOB is 24th Dec 1975. Time 9.15AM place of place of birth is Secunderabad,India.
-- namratha anumula, India Nov 29 06
A: Dear member:

You are born in Vrischika lagna, Uttarabhadra nakshatra, Meena rasi.

For your ascendant, DIAMOND IS NOT SUITABLE. Blue sapphire is o.k.

However, the best combination of gemstones for your horoscope is red coral and Yellow sapphire. Jupiter is combust in your horoscope. Jupiter is the lord of the 2nd and 5th houses. It should be strengthened by wearing Yellow sapphire. Coral is the stone of the ascendant lord Mars which is in its own sign. This combination will be auspicious for you.

Note: Kindly do not wear coral and Yellow sapphire along with Blue sapphire. Either wear Coral + yellow sapphire or Blue sapphire but not both. Blessed be.

Q: What is Kaal Sarp Dosha and how do you remove the ill effects. If birth date is 08-11-1975 and place Gwalior India. It signifies this dosha or not?
-- Anonymous, India Nov 30 06
A: Dear Member:

Kindly furnish your exact time of birth also for delineating correctly on a horoscope.

However, in your case, whatever be the ascendant, kala sarpa dosha does not exist as Moon and Jupiter are clearly out of the Rahu-ketu axis. Do not worry.

Kaal sarpa dosha does not find mention in any of the ancient classics including Brihat Parasara Hora shaastra, Brihat jatakam, etc. In actual practice, kala sarpa dosha does seem to mark sudden rises and falls in life of an individual. In fact many famous persons have kala sarpa dosha/ yoga in their horoscopes. YOu may visit the following link and download the article on kala sarpa dosha.....…

You do not have kala sarpa dosha in your horoscope by any means. Kindly do not get carried away by persons who may claim that you 75% kala sarpa dosha, 50% kala sarpa dosha etc.

Blessed be.

Q: Hello Sir, Recently I read one book on Vincent van gogh. This famous painter painted more then 800 paintigs. He could sell only one painting in his life time and that too, through his brother, Theo. His brother supported him for his basic living through out his life. Finally, he was declared insane and commited sucide. But his fame, after his death, is a different story. My question is : Does the effect of stars ( Planets ) continue even after the death...? Regards, SHEKHAR GEMINI
-- SHEKHAR GEMINI, India Nov 30 06
A: Dear Member:

You have raised a wonderful query! Actually not only the painter you have mentioned....even take the case of our own Subramanya Bharatiyar who lived in near penury during his life time while he is celebrated all over Tamil Nadu and his poems are so famous after his death. In fact, many geniuses have suffered such a fate. The reason for such obscurity during life times and then world wide fame after death will be mainly due to manifestation of good yogas from inauspicious places in the horoscope. 6, 8, 12th houses are bad houses in a horoscope, and if Gaja keshari, Bheri yoga, or Sankha yoga manifest from these inauspicious houses, they are supposed to give good fame to the native but they will give it only in the absence of the native (i.e. after their demise!) Death is only for the physical body while the soul continues to carry the karmic, works of art, or mysticism which extend beyond mere mundane capabilities do get influenced by karmic imprints even long after the concerned "physical body" has perished!

One point to be noted is......these influences do not affect the departed soul in any way...these are yogas that are manifested on the "actions" of the individuals rather than on their "lives" so that their "works and efforts" win fame but not the source of these inspirational works! On a more common level, does any one remember the chief architect of Taj Mahal (we only remember shah jahan), does any body know the name of the painters of the Ajanta caves (we just know that they are some monks!).....all these faceless, unsung geniuses will have had some hidden yoga in their horoscopes!

Blessed be.

Q: what is transaction analysis?
-- Hemanth kumar, India Nov 30 06
A: Dear member:

Transactional analysis was a system of psychotherapy devised by Mr. Eric Berne of the U.S. He assumed that every human interaction is in effect a "transaction" in which we play the role of either an "adult", "parent" or "child". The adult role is a matured approach to situations. The parent is unnecessarily dominating, while the child is immature and demanding.

For instance if a person says "You are not supposed to go there" simply, he is speaking as a parent role....For that the other person may react in different ways....He/ she may retort "I shall go; it is my wish" which is a child role; or they may say "I have understood the risks which you are cautioning of...I shall take care and go" (a matured approach) which is an adult role.

Like this any situation can be approached from any of these three roles from both the initiator of the dialogue and the other person/ persons. This encompasses almost any situation that you can conceive of in life.

Like that Eric Berne goes on to speak of domains, boundaries, etc. to explain psycho-social interactions.

This is a refreshingly different and practical approach to psychotherapy or interpersonal relationships in contrast to the highly controversial psychoanalysis of Freud.

The books "I am o.k. You are O.K." , "The roles people play" etc. are good reads on this approach. Blessed be.

Q: my father was born in 1962 aashada month monday saptmi tithi between 9pm-12am. day by day our buiseness is going to be finished. we have lot's of loan. plz give me some solution
-- amit sharma, India Nov 30 06
A: Dear Member:

As the time of birth is not given reliably and the place of birth has notbeen furnished, I relied on a prashna chart to find out the prospects. The prashna chart was erected at 6-42 p.m. on 30th nove 2006 at chennai.

The prashna lagna was Taurus; the arooda lagna (based on gold coin placed on the rasi chakra) was Makara; and the chattara rasi was Tulam.

The badhaka lord for the ascendant - Saturn is in the 4th place along with ketu. This indicates bad karma arising out of maatru saapaa. Probably the native ill-treated his mother either in the present birth or past birth and the consequences are being faced now. The remedy would be to treat one's mother with respect and get their blessings before starting a new venture.

The 2nd and 5th lord Mercury is in the 6th house indicating financial difficulties. Mercury is in Venus's house. So, the remedy should come through propitiation of Mercury and Venus significations. The chattra rasi Tula is 6th from the prashna ascendant implying financial disturbances and activities of hidden enemies again. The lagna lord Venus is combust in the 7th house. The presence of Jupiter in the same house is a great mitigating factor. The remedy for the above will be to chant "Seeta Darshana Sargam " of Sundara Kaandam on Friday evenings regularly at the business place or in one's pooja room. The offering is Tamarind rice. This if done regularly will improve business prospects. This should be done with hope till the results are obtained.

Similarly the "Runa mochana Lakshmi Narasimha" sthothra should be chanted with faith on Tuesdays to get rid of debts and for getting financial prosperity. You can download the file by following this link:…

Offer a vow of paying 1% of turnover to Lord Venkataachalapathy to improve your business. If possible perform swarnaakarshana bhairava or Vatuka bhairava homam on an ashtami day. If these remedies are done, your business will gradually improve from about the 7th month from now. Though the situations seem tough, your willpower and faith can overcome the planetary obstacles. Your results will be commesurate with your faith, sincerity, and hard work.

Blessed be.

Q: My lagna is simha.I have mars in 12th place do i have sevvai dosha
-- Anonymous, Unknown Dec 01 06
A: Dear Member:

There is no sevvai dosham for you. For Simha and kataka lagna borns, it is believed that Mars does not cause dosha wherever he is posited in the horoscope.

Blessed be.

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