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-- Kuldip Sharma
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Q: wanted to know marriage prospects and spouse characteristics for Female, dob 05 Feb 1978, birth time 11:10 AM, place:delhi.
-- ashish m, United States Dec 12 07
A: Dear

Gone through the horoscope. You are Aries Lagna. Dhanu Janam Rashi.

First of all I will discuss the marriage prospectus. You are Manglik. However, since your 7th lord (lord of marriage) is placed in the 10th house alongwith your 5th lord (lord of emotions and love affairs) Sun and indicate that you are going to have marriage of your own choice and I mean it is a case of love marriage and most like at your work place. Since your 7th lord is aspected by Rahu and Mars shows that it is going to be an unconventional and unorthodox marriage. In this regards, I mean she is from other than the case of your religion. Since this marriage is going to be through emotions and lover affairs and in case she is not a Manglik, there might be some petty disputes and this may be account of your mother, she is unable to enjoy good relations with your mother. However, in case you are also living away from your parents, as your chart shows, that you are likely to be far away from your birth place, it is good and there be less chances of living together in the your family. However, aspect of Jupitor on the 7th house is very good and will not allow you to separate and promise you married life. However, as a remedy, you have to control your Mars by reciting Hanuman Chalisa and offering Jaggery to cows on Tuesday or throw 400 grms of Reori (product made of Jaggery and Lentil ) in the running water on Tuesday. Have a good more character, as you are very much over sexed due the aspect of Mars on the Venus. You have to control your emotions and this can be also the possible reason of such petty trifles in your married life.

She is very beautiful and fair complexioned and passionate lady and well culturedand is also professionally qualified. She is having medium height. She must be from South-West side from your birth place.

Your lord of 10th house has exchange with your 5th house also shows that you are likely to have acquired engineering profession. There present your running good dasa as well as good transit and there is no such remedy. However, you can wear Moonga (Red coral), Ruby and Yellow Sapphire as Gem if you wanted .

Q: Hi, I am Lila Female, born on Thursday, 1956-08-23 10:00:00 at Rouiba, Algeria Latitude: 036:44:N / Longitude: 003:16:E I am divorced and I think I am in love with this man from India whom I have not yet met. I want to know whether I will marry again with success. Also I want to know whether I will buy my own house. If yes to both the above please indicate when. Thanks very much
-- lila bezz, Canada Dec 13 07
A: Dear Lila bezz,

Gone through your horoscope. You are Virgo Lagna.

There is some confusion whether you are supplying your birth chart data or the person to whom you love as it is not clear from your query.

However ,I would explain, treating it as your chart, Your marriage lord is placed in the 12th house alongwith 12th lord and aspect of Mars on the 12th lord as well Rahu aspect on the 7th house and also Saturn’s aspect on the 7th lord, are the major reasons for obstacles in the married life. There is no benefic aspect either on the 7th house (marriage house) nor on the marriage lord (Jupitor). On account of these malefic aspect on the marriage related house, the married life is full of obstructions and disturbed married life.

Since you have stated that you are in love with some one India, but you have not supplied his birth data, failing which we could examine his horoscope and tell you about his prospects of marriage. In case it is his birth data However, you can marry but your married life will be full of tensions on account of your horoscope or to make married life to some extent enjoyable, you have to make lot of adjustment with your spouse.

As regards your question of buying House, you can buy your house, but outside your birth place and you are advised to buy the house only after 29th January, 2008, Because there is good dasa as well as good transit available for buying property as well as matrimonial alliance.

Q: Respected Ammas, I was born on 18/09/1974 at 15:40 in New Delhi. For last 3/4 years I am having lot of debts and financial loses. I have lost lot of money in medical expenditures, stock market, and theft. For many years in career there was no increase in income and promotion. Friends and Colleagues even those who were less qualified and skilled have gone far ahead of me. Current Situation is really very frustrating. Please advise some remedial measures so that there debts gets decreased and there increase in source of income, promotion. Thanks for your help
-- Anonymous, New Delhi Dec 16 07
A: Dear Anonymous,

Gone through your horoscope. You are Capricorn Lagna, Libra Rashi. Lagna lord is placed in the 7th house, house of struggle, competition, litigation, debt etc.

Further your 10th lord (lord of profession) is placed in the 8th house, house of obstructions and you are always finding difficulty in the profession or always changing your profession.. Moon is placed in your 10th house, Your 11th lord is well placed in the 9th house alongwith 9th lord and forming Dhan yoga, but this yoga is being spoiled by the placement of Sun in the 9th house alongwith with Mercury as well as Mars. The most malefic placement is of Jupitor who is lord of 12th house (expenditure) in your 2nd house ( house of wealth) and does not allow to accumulate or save the money and what every you earn and the same is spent and this has further got set back when the lord of 2nd house ( house of wealth) Saturn, may be Lagna lord is placed in the house of debt, loss. However, Rahu is very strongly placed in your 111th house and provoking you for speculation but under the bad conditions of 2nd house lord, placement of Jupitor and displacement of 10th lord, you are not able to control your hard earned money and is spent on the disease (denoted by Saturn in 6th house) or loss (denoted by Venus in 8th house).

Further more, presently, you are undergoing dasa of Jupitor (12th lord and placed in the 2nd house) and what ever you have earned, you will lose during its period. Presently, we go the transit of Saturn, it is also not very good, as it is Lagna lord and is transiting in the 8th house from Ascendant and aspecting 10th house.

I would strongly advise you to first surrender before Jupitor and do remedy of Jupitor sincerely by touching the feet of Pandit ji in the temple, offering of bananas in the Temple on Thursday, recite its beej mantra (Om Guruvey Namah), spend some time while dusting the shoes of the devotee outside the Temple or Gurudwara.

Try to content your feeling of speculation by controlling the Rahu and donate Mooli Ke Paronthe to the beggars or low class people on Wednesday or Distribute Suji Ka Halwa alongwith bread Pakora and Tea to the beggars on Wednesday and also recite beej Mantra of Saturn Om Sham Shanichraya Namah and surrender before the Saturn and donate black Urd and Mustard oil on Saturday. For removal of debt, 100 grm Curd and 100 grm Moong tied in green cloth and throw in the running water regularly for 3 days from Wednesday. Also wear green thread in the neck and offer 1 kg. Wheat, 1 ¼ kg moongi on Tuesday or Wednesday at 11 AM. 5 Kg Bajra to be kept in container and offer bajra to animals. You also advised to go to the roof top, cut lemon in 4 piece without separating it and after encircling over the head, throw pieces one by one in all the 4 directions.

With you all the best.

Q: I am into a whole lot of problems and finding it difficult to lead my life. 13-2-1982, 2:35 pm born at Trivandrum Kerala India 1) My parents have been trying to fix my marraige since 2003, nothing is working out. The whole family is worried over me. Will I get married ever??? 2) My job was going well, but now lot of problems at work place. I am in deep trouble. Will I have a stable career? when? 3) I am having a skin problem which has uglied my face. Will I get cured? Have consulted many doctors, no result I belive all the problems are due to some doshas in my horo. Pleaze let me know if I will have a happy life.
-- Anonymous, India Dec 16 07
A: Dear Anonymous,

On the basis of data, I prepared your chart. You are Mithun Lagna and your Lagna lord in 8th house (house of obstructions) and shows that you face obstructions in every field and in every matter. As regards yoga, Jupitor and Moon has formed Gaj Kesari Yoga as well as Laxmi Yoga, which gives name, fame and wealth. Mars and Saturn produces Angara Yoga, which is bad for the domestic life. You are advised to do remedy of Mars, as it is also bad planet for you. Coming the point of marriage, you are Manglik. Your 7th lord Jupitor(marriage lord) is well posited in the 5th house (house of emotions and affairs) and 5th lord Venus in the 7th house (house of marriage) and this exchange yoga shows that you are having affairs with some one.Your 7th house is Rahu Ketu axis and Rahu posited in Lagna and aspect your 7th lord Jupitor and 5th house lord Venus. Since Rahu is an unconventional planet and its aspect provoke that this relations must be from other than your religion, or and there are many chances for unorthodox marriage. Whether the above is not true and if not, you may involve in such affairs after the marriage, as planets will have to play their role. However, there is not much trouble in the marriage, as is seen from your chart, except small bickering due to position of Rahu and Ketu on the 7th house. The most malefic position is of Venus in the 7th house, as it also creates problem in the marriage life, as it is Karka for marriage and plays the role of Karka Bhav Nash. You have to nullify the effect of Venus by donating its product like Dhoop Agarwati, or donating perfume or room freshener in the Temple. Or burn Dhoop Agarwati in large quantity in your worship place at home. As regards your marriage proposal, since Jupitor (T) has entered Sagitarrius i.e. your 7th house on 22nd Nov., 07 and Saturn (T) is already in Leo and aspecting your 7th lord Jupitor, and asper principle of double transit, both have cleared your case for marriage. It is likely that you will get find suitable match very soon and may be by the end of December or but it is sure that you will marry before April, 08. Regarding job, the trouble creator is Saturn, as it is aspecting your natal Sun and as per principle of astrology, when ever Saturn (Transit) aspect natal Sun, it either creates problem in profession or for the father or bone related problems. So you are advised to do remedy of Saturn by donating Black Urd and Mustard oil in the Saturn Temple and recite its Beej Mantra. The skin problem, if I am correct, is it white patches because Venus is conjunct with Ketu and aspected by Rahu and Mars and Karka for skin is also in the 8th house. You are advised to do remedy of Rahu and Ketu like donate multi coloured blanket in the Lepers Ashtram and secondly prepare bringal and potato in mustard oil on Wednesday or Saturday and also prepare Puri in Mustard oil or Chapati oiled with mustard oil and serve in the Lepers Ashtram or to the beggars. While preparing the above food, recite the beej mantra of Rahu and Ketu. Also donate green fodder to the cows on Wednesday. Do worship of Ganpati and recite its Mantra Om Gan Ganpate Namah atleast 108 times morning and in the evening. Offer Curd to Dogs on Wednesday.

Q: DOB:April 27, 1954 TOB:11:30PM POB:Thirupatthur, India. I am going through a very hard time health wise. I have to undergo a major brain surgery Dec 11. How will be my health? I thought i have to complete my daughter's marriage (daughter DOB:Sept 17, 1980. TOB: 0:01AM or 12:01AM POB:Madurai, India)soon. But the marriage is not at all coming. I am worried about my health and my daughter's marriage. Could you please let me know both of that and try to help me. Please let me know what parigarams can be done. Thanks Ammas for your prompt reply.
-- Anonymous, NYC, USA Dec 28 07
A: Dear NYC,

First of all I will analyze the horoscope of your daughter. She is born with Mithun Lagna and her Lagna Lord is also well placed in the 4th house in exaltation sign. As regards her marriage is concerned, no I assure you that your daughter is going to marry soon. First of all I assure you that she will lead very good married life and you should not worry about her marriage.

Now I will discuss when her marriage will take place, I may write that time has come to celebrate her marriage. Actually for the fixing of marriage time, the combined blessings of todays Saturn and Jupitor must be on the marriage related house, astrologically, we call it double transit and Saturn (Transit) is already transiting over her 7th Lord and where as another planet i.e. Dev Guru Jupitor has just entered in her marriage house i.e. 7th house from 22nd Nov.,07 and also aspect her 7th lord and clearing the door for marriage and on the point of view of dasa the dasa of marriage related houses i.e. Saturn-Jupitor-Venus is already going on and now it is to avail this opportunity. There is complete one year i.e. upto Nov.,2008, and it is upto you to avail this opportunity and in case this time is not availed, then you will have to wait for another one year and it will be fixed after 2009. Now the planets have fixed the time and now it is for us to avail and planet will not force us to avail the opportunities.

Further as regards your health problem presently, you were running dasa of Saturn-Jupitor-Venus and where as Saturn as well as Venus are totally malefic planet and during its period give bad for health but on the other hand Jupitor is no doubt your Lagna lord, but it is also on the Rahu Ketu axis and spoiled and placed in the bad house i.e. 7th house. Presently, transit of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu is also bad for you and both your dasa lord i.e. Jupitor as well Saturn are being aspected by Rahu and increasing their malefic ness. Further more, your Saturn is in the 64th Navamsha and Jupitor is in the 22nd Drekkna. And during their period, they are bound to give disease and one will take long time to recover.

Under these circumstances, you are advised to sit down and start reciting Maha Mrintunjaya Japa as much as possible and donate the products of Saturn in the Temple or throw in the running water on Saturday. In case your family is unable to do this long Maha Mrintunjaya jap, them do ‘ OM NAMAH SHIVA’ as many times as they can do. Also recite the OM BRIHSPATE NAMAH in order to take benefic result from Jupitor . Recite one chopai of Hanuman Chalisa i.e. ‘SANKAT KATE MITE SAB PEERA JO SIMRE HANUMANT BALVEERA’ as many time as possible.

Q: Hi, Its the same question which i am repeating. I would like know whether is it possible for me to do an MBA abroad and i do have funding problem.currently i am working in a IT firm and i dont like this job. Though I started to prepare,i am being disturbed by certain family issues and personal responsibilities. Let me know about the prospect of doing an MBA Date of birth : 28/10/1983 Place of birth : gudiyatham state : tamilnadu Country : india Time is 7.45 AM but not sure whether its correct exactly Thanks
-- Krish M, India Dec 28 07
A: Dear Krish,

You have stated that you are not sure about the time but in the erection of chart, the exact time is a must and in your case if the time take is time as 7.35 AM then the Lagna will change and it will be Libra.

On taking time as 7.45 AM we have analyzed your horoscope and most of the problem which you have indicated has emerged and on this basis, you are Scorpio Lagna and Lagna Lord well posited in your 10th house. As far as your early education is concerned, you find no problem in completion of your Graduate Degree as your 5th lord is well posited in your Lagna and it is on Rahu Ketu as well as your 5th house is being aspected by Ketu as well as Mars and have taken you towards the engineering trade as Mars, Ketu and Rahu all are technical planets. As far as MBA is concerned, you will find difficulty in pursue your MBA, whether to pursue MBA in India or outside India, as this comes into the category of higher education and such educations are to be seen from 9th house and 9th lord is placed in the 8th house, house of obstructions. Initially, you will find difficulty in acquiring the education, however, with the blessings of Jupitor, who is lord of 5th house as well as karka for wisdom, and is also aspecting your 9th house, you will be able to complete your MBA.

There is bright future for your MBA and you can pursue your MBA studies.

You have stated that you are not satisfied with your present job, I must say that you will never be satisfied your job and you will be changing the profession and best option for your profession is abroad because your 10th lord is placed in the 12th house (abroad) and 12th lord placed in 10th house (an exchange between 10th and 12th lord).Your 4th lord is also placed in the 12th house, showing residence abroad and Saturn aspects your 2nd house which shows that you will remain upset while living close to your family. There is very good combination for earning and settlement in Abroad as your lord of profession Sun alongwith 11th lord (house of gains) and 3rd and 4th lord Saturn is placed in the 12th house and 12th lord in 10th house). You try your luck and you will find wonderful results abroad.

Presently, you are also running dasa of Saturn-Rahu-Moon ( Rahu and Satur are in 6/8 position and then Rahu and Moon are 2/12 position from each other) and totally malefic dasa and during this dasa you will find obstaceles from in side as well out side. All obstructions are due to the bad dasa and more over bad placement of your 9th house lord. However, the things will improve when there Partyantar of Mars from 22nd January,08 and you will find much improvement after March, 2008 when there is dasa of Jupitor in the mahadasa of Rahu. Jupitor is great benefic planet for your Lagna.

The combination of Venus and Mars will make you extra emotional and you will easily be attracted towards opposite sex.

You are advised to do remedy of Saturn as well as Rahu, which are creating disturbance and donate bread Pakora and tea to the beggars on Wednesday and also donate the product of Saturn like black urd and mustard oil. However, the things will improve by the middle of January.,08.

Q: Respected Ammas, I want to know about my future, particularly married & professional life.I have a desire to settle in abroad. Will i be able to settle in abroad and when? My details are: DOB : 06/01/1982 TIME : 01:40 PM( 13:40) PLACE : LUDHIANA (PUNJAB) SEX : MALE Thanks & Regards, Manish
-- Manish Gautam, United States Dec 30 07
A: Dear Manish Gautam,

I have gone through your horoscope. You are Aries Lagna, but Lagna Lord is placed in the 6th house indicate life of struggle. Your lord of education is Sun and is well placed in 9th house and on the Rahu Ketu axis and aspected by Mars shows that you are in the Engineering field. Your 9th lord (Bhagya Lord) is well placed in the 7th house. Further your 10th lord (lord of profession ) is placed in the 6th house alongwith Mars and also shows that you are serving in Engineering Organisation. The placement of Saturn (your 10th lord as well as 11th lord) in the 6th house, also shows that you will never be satisfied with your profession. Placement of different planets is very good, but there is no formation of any good Raj Yoga or Dhan Yoga. A dhan yoga formed with the conjunction of Mars as well as Saturn, but also in the 6th house and this shows that you will rise with lot of struggle and competition.

As regards your settlement in the abroad, it is likely that you will be settle in abroad only after November, 2009. when there is a dasa of Rahu-Mercury and before this date. There are very much chances of settlement in abroad after the marriage or through matrimonial alliance.

As regards your married life, your marriage lord is well placed in the 10th house and you will enjoy very good married life. There is not much problem in your married life and you will get more prosperity after the marriage life. She will also be professionally qualified and supporting you in all matter. You will have a calm and smooth married life. She will be well mannered and fair in complexion.

Q: Hi I would really like to know about my marriage and when it would happen. Hope you can answer my questions. 1) Will I ever get married? Is so when? Is there any signs that I'll never get married? 2) What is my future husbands carreer? 3) How old will he be? 4) Will he be from the same country as I am in or will he be a foreigner? 5) Will my married life be good? 6) Is there any signs of divorce or chances of having a few marriages? My details are 4th Nov 1981, 1425, Ipoh, Malaysia Thank you for your time.
-- rina b, Malaysia Dec 30 07
A: Dear rina,

Gone through your horoscope. You are Aquarius Lagna and Lagna lord placed in the 8th house, shows obstacles in every work. Your lord of Education is also exalted but placed in 8th house, also shows some early break in your education. All the planets are on one side of Ketu to Rahu and it is called Kal Amrit Yoga and it cannot be said as Kal Sarp Dosh. People under this yoga have to face lot of obstructions in carryout their task. Your 10th lord is well placed in the 7th house and there is an exchange between your 9th (Bhagya lord or Fate lord) with your 11th lord (house of desires) and most of the things you have acquired through your fate and desire.

As regards your marriage, my dear why are so disappointed and I promise you that you must marry and possibly the marriage will be with your choice. There is no sign that you will never marry. Your marriage is a must and your husband will also be good and respectable person.

You are also Manglik. Your 7th lord no doubt is debilitation position, but placement is very good in your 9th house along with your 11th lord Jupitor shows very good marriage partner. There is nothing to worry in this regard. You are only advised to only marry with Manglik boy. As regards your question whether he will be from the same country or a foreigner, there are some indications of being outside your country. As there is conjunction of 7th lord and 11th lord in the 9th lord, there are chances that you might have pre-marital alliance with some one and possibly the same may be converted into marriage. Presence of Ketu in the 12th house and Rahu in the 6th house and Saturn in the 8th house can disturb your family and domestic peace and in case you do not marry the Manglik boy, there can be split and can also cause divorce. But you are advised to marry with Manglik boy.

Q: I was born on 19.11.1981 trichy,TamilNadu time:9:52 AM.Now -a -days i experienced so many accidents with little injury and it also hurts people around me.And have a backlog in my career .What I have to do this to get rid off this .And how many days it continues
-- M Manju, India Dec 31 07
A: Dear M Manju,

I have analysed your horoscope. You are Dhanu Lagna and Lagna lord well placed in the 11th house and 11th lord Venus is placed in Lagna and very good exchange. Ketu is placed in your 2nd house and Rahu in the 8th house( house of obstructions, accidents etc), which is not good. Your Moon (8th lord) is placed in the 9th house alongwith 12th lord and 5th lord (education) Mars. Conjunction of Mars and Moon is not good yoga and makes the native extra emotion and can also lead to extra marital affairs. Your 9th lord Sun is placed in the 12th house. All the planets are on the one side of Ketu to Rahu it is called Kal Amrit Yoga, which gives more malefic results than Kal Sarp Dosha and this is due to the reason you are facing many difficulties and obstructions.

Now let us discuss the cause of accidents and bone injuries. Placement of Sun in the 12th house is totally bad and can also result into disease of bones and this sun is aspected by (1) Saturn (2) Mars and 3rd (Rahu). No benefic planet is either aspecting your Moon nor your sun.

You are presently running the dasa of Sun-Mercury-Rahu. Sun is placed in the 12th house, house of expenditure and hospitalization and Rahu is also placed in the 8th house, house of accidents and obstructions and during this dasa there is every possibilities of accidents. Before the dasa of Rahu, it was the dasa of Mars, which is lord of 5th house (emotions) and 12th house (house of hospitalization and expenditure) and placed with your 8th lord (obstructions accidents) Moon. Moreover, Mars is also significator for accidents and blood and cause accidents.

Presently, you are running the period of Sadesati for the last more than 3 years and the 2nd leg of sadesati has started in June, 2007. You are also running the bad transit of Ketu and Rahu for the last more than 1 year. As ransits of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are malefic for you and it conjoined with the bad dasa which relates to 12th house (Sun, Mars ) or 8th house (Rahu) such accidents are bound to occur. Now with the entery of Jupitor in the Sagittarius, there will be some improvement and from January to March there is also dasa of Jupitor which is well placed, There will be improvement. The cause of the accidents is due to the bad dasa due to bad placement of the planets.

As regards your education is concerned, your 5th lord is well placed, but since it has conjoined with Moon and this conjunction is not good for education and makes you more emotional and effects your thinking. Your mind is always attracted towards opposite sex and can disturb your education. However, Jupitor your Lagna lord is aspecting your 5th house and you can easily have control over your emotions.

You are advised to Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily, donate Jaggery on Tuesday to cows. Offer water to Sun and do gayatri jap daily while offering water. Also donate Jaggery or Tomato to cows on Sunday. Throw 8 Coconut after encircling over your whole body in the running water on Wednesday or Saturday every month during this process recite beej Mantra of Rahu and Ketu. You are also advised to wear good quality of Yellow Pukhraj in your index finger. Donate the product of Saturn like black urd and mustard oil on Saturday and recite the beej mantra of Saturn Om Shanicharya Namah as many times as possible.

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