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-- Happy Momma

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Q: Dear Amma, I have a problem to which i am seeking help from you. Recently I have had bad dreams connected to death and similar problems which has later happened. Eventhough the dreams are not similar to what had happened but i can give you one of my dreams which i deramt and what happened later. I deramt that a dead body lay in a big glass tube 1 month back and 15 days after my dream I was not feeling well and i was in a critical stage with ECTOPIC PREGNENCY and i had to undergo a surgery. So now i am afraid every time i have a dream. Can please give me sites where i can such type of details. Please help me amma. Recently this is the 3rd incident regarding my dream.
-- chi, India 10/07/02
A: Honey!!!

I know how you feel! I used to get a lot of weird dreams too. Once i dreamt that my mom was very serious. I woke up & called home immediately, and i got to know that my father had gone out of station, leaving my mom alone with my brother who is a handicap and needs a lot of help. Previously my mom had an operation and needed to take rest. My dream was basically an exaggeration of reality. Nothing had really happened to my mom, and my dad returned earlier than expected. A few people are gifted or i'd rather say cursed with premonition. It may not be that what ever u dream is true, a


Q: where is God ?
-- greg, usa 10/05/02
where is God ?

God is in you, and in the people around you!! If you try to look for God outside you, you may have a tough time.

When you are alone and need a shoulder to cry on, and someone comforts you, there is God in that person. When you are about to do something bad, and something prevents you from doing it, that something is God. When you want to do something good, it's God that makes you do it. You dont need religion or follow some path to believe in God. All you need to do is be good, and you will find God within you.

Here is a website you may want to visit : http://www.doesgodexist.or


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