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Q: Dear ammas, I dont if my query is in the right category. I have an indian car license and will need to drive abroad(Europe) I ahve a valid passport and visa for the foreign country Iam planning to get an international driving permit(i know this is only issued for a year and will ahve to be updated/renewed at the end of the year) How long will it take to get one from the RTO.I have only 3 weeks time(i have just come for a holiday to India now) Also i got the license in Chennai (my indian license has chennai address) but my passport has a different address(that of my home town) Please tell me the procedure in this regard.Where will i have to apply for IDL,chennai or my home town and how/where to apply Your earliest possible reply will be useful Deepa
-- Deepa, India 09/19/02
How do I get a IDL really quick?

You know how the guys at the RTO offices are! Actually it should only take you a week to get your IDPL, but they can easily drag it.

And yes, generally the address in the passport and the address in your Drivers license should be the same, but if you provide them with proof that you live in Chennai, you can get your permit. As a proof you can submit a copy of your ration card or your voters ID (if you have one). This was the case for me too. I also have a Chennai License and the address on my passport is of Blore. Anyway, I submitted my voters id, and yes, they DO make a fuss, but


Q: Dear amma's, I gave my road test last week and i failed ,even though they din't ask me to do any difficult things.After i did the road test i thought i did very well but i failed..I want to do very well this time..What are the things i must follow while giving road test??How many attempts can i take? explain me clearly..As i need liscence desperatly
-- leena, USA 09/18/02
A: Leena,

Failing a road test once is not really a big deal. There are just certain things you need to keep in mind while giving a road test.

1. Dont forget to stop at the STOP sign. You have to come to a COMPLETE stop and only then proceed. You cant just slow down. This is where a lot of people fail.

2. Do whatever the examiner tells you to do. Important – if he asks you to stop, don’t stop in the middle of the road or the parking lot. Go to the corner of the street, or park in the right parking space. If he asks you to change lanes, or make turns etc, don’t do it imme


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