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Q: I recently came accross the following rule - BHAVA NASH KARO JEEVA, BHAVA VRIDDHHI KARAU SHANI: Meaning, Jupiter destroys the bhava he occupies and gives fruits to the houses he aspects i.e. 5, 7 & 9 and saturn increases the bhava he occupies and sucks the fruits from the houses he aspects - 3, 7, & 110; Along the same lines what's the behavior observed with other planets Mars, Venus, Mercury, sun, moon & lunar nodes - Rahu & Ketu. There is another school thought I came across that says that if the planet's binnashtakavarga in the house is more than 4 points then it will aspect maleficly and vice versa if the binnashtakavarga is less than 4 points. I will be thankful for your replies.
-- Rakesh Mohan, United States Nov 22 08
A: Dear Rakesh Mohan, First of all I would like to tell that this rule which you have mentioned in your query is the rule--- Karko Bhava Nash, means the karaka of the house spoils the house as if it occupies its house,it is applicable for all the planets,but saturn is exampted,as saturn gives long life if it is posited in 8th house.The aspects are the same as 5,7&9 for jupiter, rahu and ketu ,3,7&10 for saturn,4,7&8 for mars and all the remaining have the 7th aspect and the rule is that benefic planet will give good aspect and malefic will give the bad aspect,but it also depends upon its strength in th horoscope and also upon the diginity of the concerned planet, that should not be intermingled with the karkas. Let us know the karka first and will late on discuss about the behaviour of other planets.The planets are called karkas of the matters they siginify.The corporal matters signified by various planets are as under:- Sun-Father Moon-Mother Mars-Younger Brother Mercury-Friends, maternal uncle, adopted son Jupiter-Sons, husband, elder brother Venus-Wife Saturn-Servants Rahu-Paternal grandfather Ketu-Maternal grandfather But there are planets who signify certain matters with respect to certain bhavas and there karkattawa is relevent to those bhavas only.These are given below:- Bhava Planet Karka for 1st Sun Vigour, age, longivity. 2nd Moon Body Jupiter Wealth Mercury Speech Venus Family 3rd Mars Brother Courage Saturn Misery Longivity 4th Moon Mother Mercury Education Learning Venus Conveyances Mars Property 5th Jupiter Children Mercury Intelligence 6th Mars(benefic) Enemies Saturn(Malefic) Illeness& Sorrow. 7th Venus Wife Mars Sex vigor 8th Saturn Longivity 9th Sun Father Jupiter Guru,teacher. 10th Sun Power&Position Mercury Vocation,business,trade. Jupiter Fortune Saturn Service and livelihood. 11th Jupiter Gains&Elder brother. 12th Saturn Sorrow Mars Confident Venus Material desires Jupiter Jnana Ketu Moksha Rahu Foreign Travel. If different karkas are posited in their respective houses,such houses lose vitality and give rise to very little of their indications.As Sun in 9th afflicts father,Mars in3rd afflects younger brothers,Moon in 4th afflicts mother,Venus in 7th afflects wife and jupiter in 5th gives affliction to childern.There are certain more facts like if the jupiter itsef is the 2nd lord and is posited in 2nd house will bring wealth,moreover it is said to be the karka of that house. And regarding the binashtakvarga if the planet has4 bindus then there are mixed results like if there is a gain of money,then there will be immediate expenditure. I hope the required all points are covered in detail and in case of nodes-Rahu and ketu,these are shadowy planets and are not included in karko bhavo nash,but gives results as per the position in the horoscope,means placement and strength etc.Carry on dear, My best wishes are with you.

Q: Date of Birth: 4/03/1976
Time of Birth:02:00 AM
Place of Birth:vizag.

Hello & namaste to all the ammas astrologers . This query is for my sister , she has been very stressed out since a yr & a half & her stress level is increasing day by day , she is in love with a guy , & even he is in love with her , the problem is that he does'nt want to go against his parents wishes , he has been trying to convince them since a yr & a half now , but they do'nt want him to get married to my sister , but he keeps telling them he wants to marry her , his parents have been trying to get him married off to a gal of their choice , but he is rejecting all the matches he gets , his father will be going to USA to meet him next month , & my sister knows that he will put a lot of pressure on him as his whole family is doing that , she fears that she might lose him for the second time , as they have been rejecting her since the past 8 yrs , he does'nt want to elope as he feels his mom might die of shock , my sister feel that they will not move an inch if he keeps talking to them abt their marriage , & that he should take the final step as to what he wants , my sister or his parents , deep down she fears he will choose his parents coz he loves them a lot , she wants to tell him that when he comes to india next yr that they should get married in shirdi & to tell his dad this when he comes to usa ,as his parents will be well informed abt their marriage it will not come as eloping , she had to think of this plan as it is the last option left , but she know he will say no to this , she wanted ur help in this , she wants to know when is the right time to tell him this plan , & how to tell him ? will he say yes to it ? will he be able to tell his dad when he comes to usa to meet him ? will his parents be ok with it ? will they be able to take in the shock ? his T.O.B= 02:00 AM D.O.B = 4th of mar 1976 P.O.B = vizag. thank you in advance .

-- Anonymous, India Nov 24 08
A: Dear Anonymus,

It is good that you are worried about your sister,but dear you have given the birth details of the guy whom your sister loves.You have not given the birth detail of your sister,which are more required to see her stress level and its required remedy.I think the results would be better if we see both the required horoscopes.

I have tried it through prashna chart it from this the chances are very dim, the boy will not agree to hurt his parents, he will also not be able to hurt your sister, so the main stress is there with the guy.Let us see the marriage prospects of the guy and the best time to have a talk with the boy regading marriage with your sister.

Now let us see the 7th house and the 7th lord the 7th house has mars posited there shows that his married life will have clashes and tensions or there may be two wives. There is no benefic aspect is there on the 7th house but one malefic aspect is there that is of rahu does not goive the good position of the married life.His 7th lord mercury is there in the 2nd house shows that he will get wealth from the women or through marriage.There is no combination of love marriage is there in the horoscope.Moreover the guy is manglik and he can only marry to the manglik girl after matching the horoscopes properly.Try to change the mind of your sister it will be much better for her,may God give her power to come out of the stress.

There are also 21 bindus in the 7th house in the sarvashtakvarga,these are below 30,this also shows that marriage prospects are so so for him of his own choice.

My best wishes are with your sister.

Q: Hi, this is sanjeev. May I blessed with male child or not. If there is any problem in my horoscope and my wife. Please suggest me for remedies. Also suggest me particular time period after Dec-2008 for planning of next child as I have aleady one daughter. I will be very greatful to you for your guidenace. which planet is in my favour and which planet is my against for having male issue as the birth of my wife is not confirmed. however she want next child. Please suggest me remedies for planet which is against. details are as under:- My DOB is 08-07-1975, Time:03:30PM, Place: Jammu My Wife (Umesh)DOB is 06-07-1975, Time:08:15AM, Place:Dasuya (Hoshiarpur) My Daughter DOB is 28-08-2003, Time: 03:00PM, Place: Dasuya(Hoshiarpur) please suggest which planet as per my, my wife & my daughter's horoscope is in favour and against for having next child as male issue. It is urgent My date of marriage is 27-11-2002 (night. Please suggest me particular suitable timeing/period for planning of child (male)
-- rosi gali, India Nov 27 08
A: Dear Sanjeev, It is not good that in first instance you have posted this query with some other particulars these were altogether different from these.So many Astrologers wasted their precious time in calculating, it is not fare on your part, it is your duty to tell that the particulars are doubtful, and it is my request that you should try to mention the doubts clearly.Don’t mind dear the learned astrologers have no scope to be tested, so never try to test their knowledge.

Now in your second query you have mentioned clearly that your wife’s birth time is not accurate.Please get her birth time rectified from the astrologer of your choice, then get the prediction done for the second child then there will be a chance of accuracy.For the birth of child the Ksheta Sputa is required for the female, it can only be got from the exact particulars and your Beja Saputa can be taken from your horoscope.

From your chart and your daughter’s chart there are the chances for you to have a male child, but without your wife’s horoscope (with correct particulars), it is not possible to confirm the next progony,don’t mind dear for accurate calculation the date of menses is also required for,with the help of this the astrologer can give the best possible time and day to concieve.

From the chinese calander there are als chances to have male child but without correct birth time there is no scope to have the accurate prediction and have correct time to concieve.

My best wishes are with both of you dear.

Q: I'm 31year old female. DOB is 4-7-77. Not sure about the time of birth. Malayalam nakshatram is avittam. For the past one year i've been having trouble with my health. First it was a disc dehydration. Now it is hormonal imabalance. I'm fed up of all the pains. Can someone let me know whether there is any dosha and how long this situation will continue...
-- sunitha s, India Nov 28 08
A: Dear Sunitha, First of all get your birth time rectification done from any astrologer then put your query with full details,means date of birth,exact time of birth and place of birth,then you will be able to solve your problems with the help of remedies.

My best wishes sre with you dear.

Q: How have the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai affected you or the people you know? How do you think the attacks will affect India's regional diplomacy, and what action should the Indian government take?
-- Anonymous, India Dec 03 08
A: Dear Anonymous,

The terror tale speaks by it –self as how the terrorists planned so meticulously to fail out the intelligence of the Indian Government.

The background of the terrorist wave lies in the fact of Kashmir situation.The story of Kashmir goes on.Kashmir problem is as old as India’s independence.After India got freedom,Pakistan sent her raiders to take Kashmir by force.Her argument was that Kashmir being 90% Muslim must come to the share of Pakistan.Pakistan had been created on the basis of two-nations theory.In the face of Pakistan’s aggression in october,1947,the Hindu Maharaja of Kashmir acceded to India and the British Governor-general of India,Lord Mountbatten accepted the occasion.Thus POK was created,which sowed the seeds of terrorism taken up the Muslim fundamentalists. A group of 12 terrorists took up sea route, as divulaged by the 22 yr. old militant, Qasab.They hijacked a fishing traveler off the Western coast and whole eran was put to death.Only one fisherman was kept alive in order to prove a guide to them.He gave directions how to reach the city’s coast,lateron he was also done to death.This information corraborates with the information provided by the investigating agencies.The Let’s marine wing was involved in this terrorist exercise.This wing had provided a number of terriorists with commando training and also longistic support was provided to them.Over 183 are dead and 327 hurt in the barbaric attack.

I have been under trauma till the terrorists were not flushed out totally,I read harrowing tales of the hostages,who were kept as as defence wall by the militants.The affect of this attack on people,can be gauged from horrowing tales we read throuh the newspaper o4r on TV channels.I may quate as an example, as a person Justice Sodhi,he was face to face withb terror.It was a rare experience for him and he would try to forget it as quickly as he can,but I think will not be able to do so.He could never imagine such a traumatic experience that could happen in Mumbai.He told the whole terror story to the media,how he along with five others was rescued from the corporate club of Taj hotel,after 11 hours of breathless shelter there. Really it was a harrowing time for guests of the Taj.It was at 9.30 pm after checking in the elite Taj hotel,that Justice S.S.Sodhi was virtually confronted with this terriost attack,he was fired at by a young terrorist,about 20 years old.He shot at a shop connecting main lobby of the hotel.Out of 11 hours of trauma,he had to spend about 6 hours in WC rest room at the hotel till his rescue at 9.25am,next morning,marked by enxitety,suspense and horror but also had him packed like sardins in the small toilet,with gunshots and the grenade blastd,immediate outside.The hotel staff,during this period,had switched off the water and eleciticy connections.The weather of Mumbai is already hot and sentry in addition of the gun shots and bomb explosius it became all the more troublesome and worst ever.The grenade blasts outside made them all others more full of horror.Virtualy they were on the thrashold of death,which was looking them in face.They were anxiously waiting for the security forces at day dawn.Justice Sodhi says,”When I looked at the watch,it was 9.25am,I rubbed my eyes in disblief as we thought it to be around 6 in the morning,but on cross checking with the hotel staff,we realised,how long we were in forced and terrible capativity.We were all fear stuck as we continued to hear gunshots and granade blasts just outside our shelter.”After they came out,they realised that whatsoever was being shown on various TV Channels,was far from thouth as what was actually happening inside hotels,was far more serious and tottuous than could be shown.Justice Sodhi who had seen the the truth told an escort from Taj that atleast 4 chefs of hotel and several members of the security staff,not of hotel but also of the police and army were killed.He again said ,”it was quite a hell of an experience for me as I could never imagine that such a thing would happen in Mumbai.” Further the throats of hostages were slit and then killed at regular intervals.They were also kept as human shields in the form of hostages where after they were killed by slow degrees.Many people were traced out as dead from the hotel rooms.In some cases the hostages spent traumatic time, throughout the two/three nights, among the dead, with the rooms closed and darkness with no water supply. In my personal view such terrorist attacks would certainly create a fissure in India’s regional diplomacy.I have been pondering over this question ,when the government has already taken some drastic steps in order to curb this menace of terrorist,which has been found so inhuman and no value for human life-such barbaric attacks would devalue human life on this planet as terrorism has been spreading its tentacles throughout the world.As such it has become an international problem.This Mumbai terror –attack has reminded Indians the attack on USA-the biggest ever,the World had experienced.

Only today an e-mail threats to blow up Delhi airport,has been received,no doubt the government has taken extra measures and the security has been beefed,still the terrorist activities have become the order of the day,inspite of all essential steps taken by the government.Daily we find the tearful farewells to our dear and near ones/Indians of our motherland as the terrorists have no sympathy for human life and their properties.So much so they themselves became human bomb and result in lot of destruction around. Recently heart –rendering scnes were witnessed at the funeral of journalist Sabina Sehgal and major Sandeep Unikrishan of Bihar regional centre.It is rather different to come the loss of such precious lives.Moreover the families of them stand nowhere,,the whole family is upset and goes topsy tervy. Yesterday an all –party meeting was called by Prime Minister.There was no consensus on how to tackle terror.The meeting lasts for 5 hours at PM’s official residence but could not reach any concrete solution.However the government has taken some measures to immediately control the situation.The Home Minister has been replaced.NSG has to be augumented to control the onslought of terrorism. I feel the government should take strictmeasures to curb the demon of terrorism. My condolence is with theeffected families,may Almighty give them stregth to tolerate the loss.

Q: What should I do for my face, home made bleach
-- chithraa, India Jan 16 09
A: Dear Chithraa, The natural bleach is milk and lemon.You can apply milk,but it should not be boiled,it is the best bleach(natural,there is no need to mix anthing in it.It can be applied on face after washing the face or another area which is required to be bleached.Or you can also use the lemon juice,it is also the natural bleach and is applied in the same way like milk.

Q: Date of Birth: 9-9-87
Time of Birth:05:05 AM IST
Place of Birth:Hyderabad

Please do this horoscope matching: Boy - DOB: 12th May 1982 TOB: 08:12 AM (IST) POB: Hyderabad, India Girl - DOB: 9th Sep 1987 TOB: 05:05 AM (IST) POB: Hyderabad, India Will this be a good match? The girl has mars in the 1st house and the boy has it in 4th house. Would this lead to anger issues in the marital life? Could you please check the individual charts and let me know the marriage prospects of the individual persons and their married lives. The girl has Rahu with Moon in the Mangalya sthana i.e, 8th house in her horoscope. Will this create issues? Are there any remedies for it? Are there any chances of divorce in their charts? Please suggest soon. Would appreciate a quick help. Thanks in advance.

-- Anonymous, India Feb 02 09
A: Dear Anonymous, I have prepared both the horoscopes and matched these simultaneously there are 24 gunas matched out of 36 gunas these are as per Ashtkoot Guna Matching. Yes this will be a good match, now let us come to Mars as the girl has the Mars in 1st house, hene she is Manglik and the boy has it in the 4th house, so he is also manglik- the effect of Mars is nullified here, hence there is no need to worry about anger in martial life in this matching. Moreover the Moon of the boy falls in Sagittarius, the 5th house of the girl. The Moon of the girl falls in the Pisces ,the 10th house of the boy.----So Moons of boy and girl falls respectively in the 10th and 4th position from each other, this position is considered to be auspicious then why to worry about anger.

Venus the karka for marriage in boy's case falls in the same nakshtra as the Moon falls in girl's case again auspicious. But in this matching Gana Maha Dosha is present as the boy belongs to Rakshasa Gana and the girl belongs to Manushya Gana, but to worry dear the grahamaitri saves the matching.

As per Kalaprakashika method there are 27.5 points achieved out of 44. Let us discuss it point wise:- (1) Dinam (luck):-Due to unfavorable Dhinam there is a tendency of disagreement in the relationship. It brings less of good luck. (2) Ganam (wealth):-The Ganam of boy and girl are Rakshasa Gana and Manushya Gana, which is said to be fatal, the married life will Prove harmful to both, the compatibly will reduce wealth in marriage. (3) Mahendhram (attachment/wellbeing):-There is a lack of compatibility in this respect. That will cause less wellbeing and attachment in the relationship. (4) Sthree -Dheergam (general welfare):-The asterism of the boy is beyond the 13th asterism from of the girl, causing compatibility in this regard. This will promote welfare. (5) Yoni (sexual):-The yonis are different, but not hostile, compatibility is medium. (6) Rashi (growth of family):-The moon sign of boy is 10th from that of girl which is auspicious, couple will grow rich. It also indicates the growth of the family and this also reduces the effect of Gana Maha Dosha. (7) Rasyadhipati (food):-The lords of Moon signs are mutual friends. This is very auspicious and brings prosperity in corn. (8) Vasyam (posterity):- The Moon Sign of boy is concordent to that of girl (or vise versa), this will bring harmony between the Couple. It also favors development of posterity. (9) Rajju (felicity in marriage):-The rajju of the girl and boy are different. This enhances the compatibility and brings felicity in married life. (10) Vedhai (sons):-The asterisms of the couple are not repellent .There is compatibility in this regard, it will give good progeny.

The Gothras of the boy and girl are different which enhances compatibility. Now let us discuss the individual charts. In boys chart let us see the 2nd house first the house of the financial position of the boy which is must in having prosperity in life, his 2nd lord Moon is in 7th shows his wealth through foreign sources, his business in foreign land. Moreover Rahu (the foreign related planet) has the aspect on 2nd lord; it confirms his income in foreign land, so his financial position will be sound. As his lagna lord is posited there in 12th also shows his settlement abroad and his 4th house is afflicted this is must for settling abroad, hence sound financial position. Now let us discuss the 7th house, his 7th lord Jupiter is posited in 5th house shows that there are chances of love marriage is there, but moon and ketu in 7th reduces the strength of the 7th house ,but no worries dear his venus is exalted, it shows his married life will be good. Now let us discuss about girl as you are worried about the position of moon and rahu in 8th,moon the 12th lord in 8th forms Raj yoga,then why to worry and rahu in 8th house will give her journey to foreign countries,so no remedy is required for this. Let her discuss her 7th house,her 7th lord saturn is posited in the 4th house,it is also at the 10th position from itself shows that she will have a rise in her profession with the help of her spouse and jupiter(R)from 9th house is giving blessing to the 7th lord and the 4th house,then no problem is there in the martial life,there are no chances of divorce is there in the married life,but venus and mars both are combust in her horoscope it is a matter of worry as in girls case the mars is the karka of marriage and venus also plays an important role in married life,so from time to time remedy is required for both of the planets.But now a days she should start chanting Hanuman Chalisa daily,she should start this chanting from any tuesday.

She should also chant the below given mantra daily for 108 times a day,and should start this from any friday morning,the mantra is,"Om Dhram Dhrim Dhrum Sah Shukraya Namaha".Both the remedies will enhance the chances of good match for her.

My best wishes are with both of you.

Q: is saffron good for skin ?
-- SUJITHA, UAE Feb 07 09
A: Dear Sujitha, Safforn is good for skin,it is mostly used to improve dark completion of babies.It is used a lit bit in quantity and can be used in mixing the bucketfull of water at the time of bath,it can also be applid on skin while mixing it in milk and applying it to skin before 1/2 an hour,it will definitely improve the completion and will also give glow to the skin. My best wishes are with you dear ,use it.

Q: jaswanth dob 30-08-2007 time
-- venkata ramana, India Feb 07 09
A: Dear Venkata ramana, Please repost your query after closing this query as you have not mentiond in your query that what is your question in which field of life do you want to know and you have not given the full particulars,the particulars required are-- Date of birth,Place of birth,Exact time of birth and lastly the gender means male or female. My best wishes are with you dear,post your query after giving the above required particulars.

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