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-- rajani rayudu

Latest Health Advice

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Q: Hi amma, 1) I am pregnant. We have sex using condoms. After having sex I just urinate and then we go to sleep. Is it necessary for me to wash my vagina area with water after having sex with condoms? Will it give me any type of infection if I do not wash it? 2) Also while having sex my tummy keeps on shaking. Is that fine because whichever position we try, the tummy does shake a lot. Is that okay? Please advise and it will help me a lot. Thanks amma.
-- xyz, usa 06/16/03
A: hello xyz,you are definately being careful as you are using condoms,it prevents infections like chorioamnitis... which might cause preterm labour.however its always safe to wash yourself after an intercourse with atleast water.get your urine tested regularly to see that you do not have a urinarytract infection,drink plenty of water everyday.regarding your tummy shaking,you can reduce it by using pillows under tummy,avoid sudden bouncy is not contraindicated in pregnancy as long as you have no complications.but try to avoid it late in 3 rd trimester as it might cause lot of discom


Q: Dear ammas, My son who is 3 1/2 yr old is anaemic,can i give him honey everyday,as here we dont get spinach ,kidney or liver.could u give meother sources of increasing iron .Thanx
-- Mrs.Meena, Vietnam 06/07/03
A: hello mrs meena,well you can give him honey if he likes it,but its not a good source of iron. the best source of iron is red meat-mutton/lamb/goat/beef/pork.also include lots of vitamin c rich foods in diet as these are proven to increase iron absorption-foods like fresh fruit juices,lemon,orange etc.if your son is slightly anemic ,you can make it up with iron rich diets,but if it is to a severe degree-i suggest you take him to a general practitioner for iron suppliments.but do not ignore this problem as iron is essential for childrens' brain development. cheers


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