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Indian Kitchen By Veena
-- Veena Bhavanam

Latest Beauty Advice

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Q: hi amma, i wanted to know if there was anyway to shrink my lips,(!) Ive seen lip lumpling gels all over the market. I had"normal"lips butthen i got in th ehabit of peeling my lower lip because of my long nails, ive cut my nails since then but my lips havent gone back to normal, its only my lower lip, its bulgging out...some one had oncce told my something with glycerin and some mineral..i dont remeber that is why im asking for your help, thank you id really appreciate it.
-- aqsa, US 01/19/03
A: Hi,

I am not sure upto what extent those cream will help. My sincere advise is not to try untill you have seen people who have tried and has worked for them

To make your lips look smaller, you can use lip liner and cover with lipstic and then cover rest of lips with consealer. First draw a outline as to how big lips you want, then fill it with lipstic. For remaining part of lip which use concelar and foundation to cover up. This will surely work.

Best wishes!!


Q: what do i do to get rid of whiteheads on my nose . i use strips and scrub but they dont help much
-- tina, india 01/19/03
A: Hi Tina,

White heads and black heads are usually caused due to dirts sitting in pores. You can see them mostly on oily skin. Best thing is to keep your face clease of oil and dirt always, wash your face with cold water as much as possible. This will help to stop white heads.

To remove white heads, use Aloe vera gel. They will help in removing the white heads.

Best wishes!!


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