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Q: Hi, I have a close friend (DOB 3rd Sept 74, Time 1.34am, Mumbai) who has divorced from his wife (29th July 75, 12.55am, Mumbai) & child. Can you tell me if my friend i) will get back with his ex-wife & child or will he get remarried to another woman & when.ii)how will his future health & professional life be iii) will there be any problems in his life?
-- A L, India Jan 02 08
A: Dear A.L,Your friend has born in Poorva Bhadra nakshtara its lord is Jupiter –your friend is of sad nature,serious, nervous,fearless,always uses harsh words,greedy in nature,irreloius and jealous by nature. His venus the karka for marriage is in cancer rashi this shows that he has a diseased body,passionate and overindulgent.On the other hand his wife was immotional and inconsistent as it is clearly seen from her horoscope.But your friend is also a person who is inclined to wine and women,so due to this the martial discord has seen from both the horoscopes. While matching the horoscopes it has seen that the matching was good as there were 23 gunas achieved out of 36gunas,there was also no problem of mangal dosha,but the most serious dosha –the bhakoot dosha was present in making the compatibity of both the horoscopes.It results into ego problem.As ur friend have Aquarious rashi and his wife has Pisces rashi so there are said to be evil results-that his wife was fond of spending more and there were also financial problems ,due to her over expenditure—so the relation comes to an end. Now let us come to the main point that about his first marriage and the child. Your friend`s 7th lord is in 9th and sun the separating planet has the spect on the 7th lord,so there is affliction to the 7th lord-due to this it is seen that women disturbs him more before and after making the marriage.Hence he may be conscious before making any new relations with other women,all the situation is there that divorce ,judicial sepration is caused due to this planetary position.This also shows that his father is already residing abroad and there are also the chances for him to settle abroad. His future is very bright and as his 9th lord is in lagna i.e-forming a good combination of strong trine and Kendra-forming a Raj yoga and the Jupiter has aspect on 12th house (that is house of bed pleasure) and 2nd house and the 4th house.It is also clear that he will enjoy good comforts in married life,financial life and domestic life,hence no worries at all.Exalted mercury is also aspecting the 10th house shows that ur friend is very wise and sincre at his work place.But there is also an aspect of rahu on the 10th,12th& 2nd,which creates problem as also rahu is debilated in his horoscope.----So he has to do remedy for that. The remedy is:----Take a note book and start writing daily the below given mantra for 108 times a day for long duration i.e for 108 days.,The mantra is:--- “om bhram bhrim bhrum sha rahuve namah”.Start this from any Monday morning. He will definitely marry again as venus the karka for marriage is in dual sign and Jupiter has also the aspect on venus – he will go to his child and marry his wife again.His future is bright but from time to time the remedies will be required to lead happy married life. He should also wear 5 ratti blue sapphire studded that in gold /iron ring. This should be worn on any Saturday at 3pm,while recieting the below given mantra for 21 times .The mantra is :--“AUM SHAM SHANAISCARAYA NAMAH”. My best wishes are with him ,so he must go and put proposal to his wife at the earliest.

Q: I was born on 19.11.1981 trichy,TamilNadu time:9:52 AM.Now -a -days i experienced so many accidents with little injury and it also hurts people around me.And have a backlog in my career .What I have to do this to get rid off this .And how many days it continues
-- M Manju, India Jan 02 08
A: Dear Manju,You are born in Magha Nakshtra ,this shows that you have plenty of wealth and servants to work for u.You are also enjoying good life.You are fond of elders and respects them from ur core of heart.You have deep faith in God and u are also very enterprising. Your horoscope shows that u have kalsarp yoga not kalsarpa But kalamrita yoga as in ur horoscope it is formed by ketu Instead of rahu. The dasha bukti of sun(posited in 12th.) is running and the sub lord mercury is also at12th from dasa lord and patyanter of rahu is there –so I think that u are facing this problem from 14-12-2007 continusely. Again ur problem will be increased ,that u will have to face constant accidents in the year 2009 i.e from 5-9-2009 to onwards. Now a days you are also under the influence of sadhe sati due to that u are also facing problems in these days.The transiting Saturn have the malefic aspect on the 6th house that the house of accidents.So there were consant accidents. Moon the mind karka and the12th lord mars are associated and posited in the 9th house is also disturbing ur mind –you are feeling confused at every time –due to this planetry combination. So u have to do the remedy for that,the remedy is:------- You should wear 5 ratti Red Coral studded that in silver/golden ring.This ring should be worn in the ring finger or index finger of of ur left hand.This should also be worn on any Tuesday at 6am while recieting the below given mantra(21 times) This mantra is “AUM ANG ANGARKAYA NAMAH.” You have mentioned the backlog in ur carrer,but not mentioned it in detail that which type of backlog was that-I think that this back log is due to kalamrita yoga and can not be reduced without remedy. So do remedy for that:---You should recite the ketu mantra for 41 days(but should do this daily for 108 times). You can also write this mantra daily instead of recieting that. So start this from any Monday morning—the mantra is “OM TRAUM TRIM TROUM SAH KETAVE NAMAH.” You should do the remedy at the earliest to remove the bad effect of kalamrita yoga,so ur carrier will be smoothlined. My best wishes are with you.

Q: I am kavita and would like to know few things about my career My questions are: 1. Am I going to be a traditional housewife or a working lady? 2. If working lady when will I get job and in which field? 3. When will I get married and if possible can you please describe about my spouse? My birth details are: DOB: 22-jam 1980 TOB: 22:25 Indian Standard Time POB: Ranchi, India
-- Kavita Tiwary, India Jan 02 08
A: Dear Kavita,You are born in Uttar Bhadra nakshtra,the nakshtra of saturn.You are said to be an able speaker,virtuous,talktive ,happy and deceitful. There is a budhadatya yoga present in ur horoscope as the 10th lord and lagan lord(mercury) and sun are associated and positeds in 5th house the house of knowledge --it shows that you are intelligent one. Your 10th house has airy sign that the gemini it shows that u are intellectual, philospher,writer,thinker and having interest in science and research and u may be an air hostress. As the 10th lord is posited in 5th house,will give u benefic,pious and pure life.You are highly intelligent.You have also achieved good acadamic qualifications. This gives u an efficent mind and dignified position but as the 5th is the 8th from10th,so it will give differance of opnion with bosses.You will definately do job there is no scope to take rest at home as a housewife.So you will not be a traditional housewife. The position of 9th lord in 6th house shows that you will become judicial officer and will have prosper job.You will earn well with ur job as the jupiter have the aspect on 9th lord and the aspect of mars is also there --which will inhert landed property. You will face some problem from 11-5-2008 to29-11-2008. After 30-11-2008 you will get ur job in judicery or in airlines or in research & science. The time has come for ur marriage. You will be got married after 26-1-2008 or before 10-5-2008.The time has come for marriage as the double transit of saturn and jupitor fulfills the promise of marriage.Take advantage of the fruitful period,so try to find the proper match at the ealiest the match will be finalized at this time and the match will also be good in this period.But be cancious about the oppurtunity which the jupiter and saturn have given u at this time otherwise it will be too late as the 7th lord is posited in 12 will lead to late marriage--but be cool the karka for marriage venus has aspect on the 7th lord,so u have to do remedy for that. you should wear 2 ratti/scent Diamond studded that in white gold ring.The ring should be worn in the middle finger of ur left hand .This should also be worn on any friday at sunrise,while recieting the mantra for 21 times.The mantra is:---"AUM SHUM SHUKRAYA NAMAH." It is essencial for u to do this remedy,otherwise you will face problem in match making. My best wishes are with u.

Q: I had constructed a new building for factory facing NE at bahadurgarh(haryana). My date of birth is 19/03/1970 time 2.30 p.m. place new delhi. kindly tell me the most suitable date for greh pravesh in january 2008. atul seth
-- atul, new delhi, india Jan 02 08
A: Dear ATUL,You arc of cancer lagna and yur rashi is also cancer--your moon is of own sign and venus is exalted in your horoscope(two planets mercury and saturn have the debilation in ur chart so remedy for these is must to do). Facing of your factory is north east---so from all aspects the time for factory parvesa is on 28th janury,2008 from 12noontill1pm.It also covers the abhajit mahurta`s time.The day is monday that too suits ur lagna.The nakastra will be Hasta which will also be good for new enterance.The desi month will be magh will is also favourablefor new entry and is also favourable for ur lagna. The lagna at the time of mahurta will be Pisces wich is also favourable as it at yhe 9th position from ur lagna. From the facing of the factory it is the only auspicious time for factory prevasha.SO start preparing the given time is very near. The remedies are---You should donate money as per your own wish in the gau shala(cow`s shed)on any wednesday. You should go to shani temple for prayer on saturday.(do this for minimum five saturdays.) My best wishes are wit you dear ATUL,SO GET READY FOR FACTORY PREVASHA.

Q: I am asking this query on behalf of my sister. She is currently seeking employment and simultaneously we are planning to start seeking marriage alliance for her. Kindly advise on whether this is a good period for her marriage, and how we can get a good alliance for her. If there is any dosha, kindly let me know the remedial measures also. Dateof birth : 12 October, 1981 Time of birth: 23:40 ie 11:40 pm Birth place : Mettur, Tamil Nadu, India Regards Hari
-- Hari R, India Jan 02 08
A: Dear Hari R,I have analized ur sister`s horoscope it time for her to go in search of job.Her job prospects are much brighter than of marriage scope.Her 1th lord the lord of profession-the jupiteris posited in the 4th house having association of 5th lord(sun) and the 9th lord---it shows that she will achive success with her own efforts and at this time luck will also favour her. Jupiter the 10th lordis also aspecting its own house will give her good scope,high rank and she will be famous in her field.But moon the 2nd lord and debiliated in navmasha is also posited inthe 10 house will creat problem in decission making.She will be confused about her profession till last moment.She should do remedies for that---the remedy is---She has to donate 10 kgs of rice in a langer,in any holy place.This should be done on any monday in the evening. For her progress she has to take two snakes made up of silver on the date 21 feb.2008 at 7.30 pm. These should be kept by her in the place of prayer and at the given time and date she has to start recieting the below given mantra ,108 times daily for long duration i.e for108 days . This remedy will take her to the peak of the hill.The mantra is:---OM RAMRAHAVA NAMAH,OM KEMKETAVENAMAH". She will be able to get job before 2-3-2008. For marriage ,i can say that she will got married after getting her job. Her7th lord placed in 4th associated with 10th lord and 9th lord shows that she will got agood match,but the obstacles will be there ---so do remedy for saturn --it is also required for removing obstacles in match making--- The remedy is--- She should wear 7 ratti blue sapphire studded taht in gold/iron ring.This ring should be worn by her in her middle finger of her left hand.This should also be worn on any saturday at 3.10pm after recieting the below given mantra for 21 times:----The mantra is----"AUM SHAM SANAISCARAYA NAMAH." Afer doing the given remedies she will be able to get proper match after 22-92008.But from 3-3-2008 to 21-9-2008 she will face some problem,so be concious about her for the given time.There is no other dosha present in her horoscope as was asked by u.And the required remedues are already given above so do the all for betterment.She is also non manglik.You will find a proper match for her in the year2009(from the dates 13-5 09 to 12-11-2009).Start searching the job for her in first instance and afterwards match making. My best wishes are with ur sister.

Q: dob Oct 22, 1965 8:45PM Baroda 1) Am I rich? Am I Millionaire? if no, why? if yes, why? what yog do i have for money? 2) what will i suffer from in future Arthritis, Blood Pressure? cancer? brain tumor, Heart attack etc...? when? 3)Do I have more than one wife? if yes, when?
-- tino patel, United States Jan 02 08
A: Mr. Tino Patel, Your style of asking question is very different

i am also choosing the same style for answering the question.

Ans1.You are neither millionarie nor poor---the reason is given

in detail. The 2nd lord mercury is in 6th house shows affliction

to the lord of finance(2nd) and the 2nd lord mercury is also in

visakha nakshtra its lord is jupiter which is enemic in lagna

chart and improves position in navmasha chart(i.e.of own sign

in navmsa)--shows that u are earning well through medical

profession and also through ur enemies.You are also earning

from sports and competetions,,litigations and through races etc.

In other words we can say that earning through blact marketing

and through tricks.

Association of mercury with sun forms a budh adatya yoga which

shows that u are very rich and are also active in public welfare.

Mercury the 5th lord posited in 6th shows that u have the wealth in spectulation.As the jupiter is posited in 2nd house ,shows growth

of wealth through many sources.Position of 11th lord in kendtra

shows plenty of wealth.In hora lagna the hora of moon is rising

it indicates plenty of wealty and achieved without any hard labour.

Lord of 9th and 10th is also forming Lakshmi yoga,as the combination

of strong kendra and trine--gives plenty of wealth.There is also a

Ruchka yoga present in ur horoscope ,that mars is in kendra from lagna and is in its own sign.

There is also a Sunapa yoga present in ur horoscope--mercury achieves 2nd position from moon---shows plenty of wealth.

There are so many combinations which forms good yogas in ur horoscope--and are benefic for wealth.




SECOND INSTANCE. will suffer from headaches as teh rahu is posited in lagna

and the lagna lord venus is associated with maleficsi.e.mars & ketu.

You will face swear headaches fro jan.12,2008 to march2,2008.

Soyou should avoid constipation and should do paranayam & Surya Namashkar

to avoid this.

The lord of 4th and 5th housesi.e. sun and mercury are assiciated with each

other and posited in 6th will give HEART TROUBLE.

Lord of 8th in 2nd gives eye disease,dental disease,fincial crises,unhappy

domestic life and devoid you of bodily vigour.

The 6th house has libra rashi shows that ur character is not so good.

Ans-3.Yes there will be a second wife for you.The 7th lord has the scorpio

rashi which shows that ur wife was educated ,cruel,merciless and unlucky.But

she is no more now as the planetery position shows.You are now planning to

marry again as ur lagna lord is in 7th and the 2nd lord has conjunction with

malefic i.e.sun(in the 6th house),this effects the longivity of ur wife.And the

lagna lord in the house of marriage will give you the 2nd marriage after the

death of ur first wife.

You will marry within the below given dates i.e.17-5-2009to6-12-2009.

Now a days you are under the influence of SADHE SATI so things may not be much

rosy now.

with best wishes

Q: DOB:April 27, 1954 TOB:11:30PM POB:Thirupatthur, India. I am going through a very hard time health wise. I have to undergo a major brain surgery Dec 11. How will be my health? I thought i have to complete my daughter's marriage (daughter DOB:Sept 17, 1980. TOB: 0:01AM or 12:01AM POB:Madurai, India)soon. But the marriage is not at all coming. I am worried about my health and my daughter's marriage. Could you please let me know both of that and try to help me. Please let me know what parigarams can be done. Thanks Ammas for your prompt reply.
-- Anonymous, NYC, USA Jan 02 08
A: Dear Anonymus,Let us discuss about ur health first and afterwards ur daughter`s marriage. Sun the karka of brain is exalted in lagna and mooltrikona in navamsha shows that there should be no worries leave the worries behind and you will improve ur health now. On 11 dec.when you were operated the dasha bukti of sat/jup/sun was running---saturn the retrograde planet,exalted in lagna and debiliated in navmsha has given u a problem if u tried remedies earlier,you can escape the surgery.The dasha of lagna lord and fourth lord was the saviour factor at the time of ur surgery. Sun the karka for brain has shown enemity with the dasha lord,but again its exalation is the savior factor in the brain surgery. Now a days the main period of saturn is running and it is also in its exaltation sign but is in retrogration and giving you physical and mental worries as it has the aspect on 4th house the house of domestic peace.I think the period will be more tough for u from16-3-2009 to 17-7 2009 So do remedies in advance:you should wear now the yellow sapphire of 9 rattis studded that in gold ring.This ring should be worn in the index finger of ur right hand.This should also be worn on any thursday at 4pm,while recieting the mantra for 108 times:---"AUM BRIM BRIHASPATYA NAMAH" It will be better for u to wear it immediately.Your son who is residing abroad will be more helpful in ur health crises ,so no worries you will be all right by doing all this.You will do ur daughter`s marriage with ur own hands. Now let us discuss the marriage scope of ur daughter---the time has come she will be got married between these dates.The dates are from 20-1-2008 to19-7-2008.This is the most fruit ful period for her marriage. Her 7th lord is in 3rd --the marriage will be so so,but dont worry dear rhe 7th lord has the aspect of jupiter upon it-so marriage will be good.But the karka of marriage venus is on rahu ketu axis--so remedy for marriage is required at the earliest as the yog for marriage is ready from 20 jan. She also has a kal sarap yoga formed in her horoscope--so she should grow tulsi plant in ur house,with her own hands,and also have to take care of that plant. She should also have to do remedies for venus the remedy is :---- She has to write this mantra 108 times daily on a note boo and it should be done upto her marriage.This should be started from coming friday--The mantra is---"OM DRAM DRAM SAH SHUKRAYA NAMAH" She should also have to wear 6rattis blue sapphire studded that in gold/iron ring.This should be worn on any saturday at2.50pm.This should be worn in the middle finger of her left hand.This should be worn while recieting the below given mantra for 21 times:--- ---"AUMSHAM SHANAISCARAYA NAMAH". So carry on my best wishes are with you.

Q: Respected Ammas, I want to know about my future, particularly married & professional life.I have a desire to settle in abroad. Will i be able to settle in abroad and when? My details are: DOB : 06/01/1982 TIME : 01:40 PM( 13:40) PLACE : LUDHIANA (PUNJAB) SEX : MALE Thanks & Regards, Manish
-- Manish Gautam, United States Jan 02 08
A: Dear Manish ,why are u worried about ur future there are so many good yogas formed in ur horoscope. The 1st is the BHADRA YOGA---THE MERCURY IS IN KENDRA FROM LAGNA AND MOON IS IN EXALATION--- this yoga shows that you have strong and good physique,u are rich and also affectionate to ur friends. 2nd HAMSA YOGA ---THE JUPITER IS IN KENDRA FROM LAGNA AND MOON IS IN EXALTATION----GIVES POWER MEANS U WILL BE ON THE TOP OF UR FIELD,HAVING PLENTY OF WEALTH ANDARE OF RELIOUS MIND. 3RD MALVIA YOGA---VENUS IS IN KENDRA FROM LAGNA AND THE MOON IS EXALTED---YOU ARE FOND OF MUSIC AND ARE OF ARTISTIC NATURE,HAVING LOT OF WEALTH AND ALSO ARE FOND OF GOOD THINGS IN LIFE. future:while analysing ur chart i found that in sarvashtakavarga ur 2nd,3rd,4th,6th,7th and 12th- houses has 30 bindus and more than 30 bindus -----these results into that u have plenty of wealth,are hardworker,having allcomforts at home You also have the the capability to compete othersand u will also be have a good married life and there will be all pleasures in ur life. Your 2nd house shows that you have received a plenty of wealth from ur father as the 2nd lord is at the 9th position from itself. 3rd lord in 10th shows that your wife will be of cruel nature--- but the cruelness is reduced by the position of the 7th lord as it is posited in 10th---it shows that u will achieve success in profession abroad and ur wife will be a devoted wife --it nullifies the 3rd lord`s effect as discuss earlier.Your wife will also help you nin ur profession. Position of jupiter in 7th house shows good results its debiliation in navamsha reducess its goodness---this results into that ur wife will be little bit older to u.She will be from south side.Venus the karka for marriage gets strength in navamsha that is in own sign in is also in kendra from lagnain lagana chart,will give romanbtic life.There is no benefic effect on the 7th house or the 7th lord ,but rahu the mischieves planet(but mooltrikona) is aspecting the 7th house----so you should throw 3kg coal in running water on thursday at 4pm(for 5 thursdays),you can also do it for seven times also----this will result into more beneficness. The lord of 9th and 12th --jupiter is posited in 7th house again shows romentic life. The rahu(plent for foreign travel) is also have the aspect on 9th and 12 lord--will give foreign travel,butyou will return to ur motherland sooner or latter----for foreign residence---afflection of 4th house is must ,but that is not there in ur horoscope. From 17 jan.2008 to7 june,2008 you will be able to go abroad. The next time is for foreign travel is from 29 june,2009 to 13 nov,2009.If the first time lapses then u will definately go in the 2nd given period. SOhurry up make ur mind,my wishes are is with u. If u want results earlier so wear seven rattis yellow sapphire,studded that in golden ring.Wear that ring on any thursday at 4.15 pm while recieting the mantra 108 times---"AUM BRIM BRIHASPATYA NAMAH."This ring should be worn in the index finger of ur right hand.

Q: I am in a big problem. I love this girl who is my best friend she also likes me and we are in relation since last 6 years. but when i proposed for marrige she says that she dont have feelings for me.she is ready to marry but she says it will be a problem after marriage. she is working as personnel admin and i work for IT. I checked with somebdoy he told me that i will surely marry this girl only as she will get married to someone younger to her and iwill marry someone elder to me and also her chart says that her husband will be from IT and mine will be from admin. Please confirm this as i am in great love with her and desperate. without her my life is aimless. My birth details, 13-02-1979 time: 07-05 AM, bombay Her birth details 16-11-1972 time: 01-00 AM, Bombay
-- Tecno Kurup, India Jan 02 08
A: Dear Mr.T.K,Ihave prepared your horoscopes and matched these thoroughly,the matching is very good --there are more than 27 gunas matched out of 36 the matching is good ,but there is a manglik dosha present in ur horoscope ----as the mars is in1st house----but the girl is non manglik------but no worries your mangal dosha is nullified as th e saturn is at 8th position from so it reduces the dosha----according to me u have already married to that girl,but not showing the society---am i right---but remedies are requred to cool her down with the help of those she will be able to face the society---- but these will be mentioned at the end of the answer---wait for a moment--- Now let us discuss the marriage prospects first ----in sarvashtakvarga ur 7th house ---the house of marriage has only 21 bindus ---and in shad bala the karaka of marriage has also lesser bindus ----which shows that the marriage will be so so there will be no extra charm in this life Ithink u are also planning to go abroad----as the 7th lord posited in 8th shows that this will lead you to have seperation from ur wife and be cancious ---there may be a problem for you so be alert in that case.You have already faced a problem in the year 2006(i.e. on 5-8-2006) There is alsoa sadhe sati going on-----so for this remedies are also required. Now i am mentioning the remedies:---These will help you to cool down your lover and will be helpful to make her bold----but these all should be done with great respect and honour----if u do all these in a proper way then i am 101% sure to change ur life from so so to fantastic one---Retrograde jupiter posited in 7th is also a indication that ur partner will be older than you ---and don`t mind she may be widow or divorcee---don`t mind for this the planets shows- this type of match,you will also become rich with the luck of ur spouse-----financial will be achieved through her. so do the below givn remedies which are very badly required :-----For sadhe sati---- Take a note book and start writing the mantra for108 times daily(start this from any saturday)----- "AUM SHAM SHANAISCARAYA NAMAH"

On any thursday evening at7pm---throw 7 kg coal in running water(do this once only)

Now there are the remedies for seven tuesdays--- do that on every tuesday at any time ----the quantity for the item for donation is not fixed it should be as per ur own will------------- ON first tuesday---- donate copper vessle to a married lady, on 2nd---wheat, on 3rd---ghee,on 4th---red cloth,on5th---seven red flowers in a temple---in the morning,on6th---sandal woodand on7th----dal Masoor(7 kg.) should be given in a langer in any holy place. You should also wear 7 ratti emerald studded that in golden ring.This ring should be worn on any wednesday at 7.30 am while recieting the mantra for 21 times---The mantra is ---"AUM BUM BUDHYA NAMAH".This should be worn in ur right hand in the small finger.------- With best wishes

Q: hello.My name is Ragini dob-8may1983 time:755am;Place:Pune,Maharashtra.And my husband's name is Abhay Singh;dob-14july1981.Time:25:30i,i.e.15july at 1:30am place:Bhiwani(Haryana). We have nadi dosh.Please can you help us by telling how much will it effect our married life and how can we remove it.I would be highly greateful for your help and advice.Also, is there any other problem in our married life?
-- ragini, india Jan 02 08
A: Mrs.Ragni,It not good to match the horoscopes after marriage,but as u wish ----- let me know that who has matched ur horosopes,there are only 12 points achieved by the matching, these are below average.THERE IS ALSO THE SAME NARI OF BOTH OF U AS BOTH HAVE THE ADI NARI----WHICH CAUSES NADI DOSHA.There is no prosperity in the married life.Overall well being of the married life is very poor----may god bless you.

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